Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sum-Sum-Summertime Blues

Sorry. I know I should be writing about the wonderful time I am having in game right now, enjoying the members of the Illuminati Order while I level Halinka. Or I should be writing about how the reputation grinds are going as I level, sneaking away to Skettis and soon Shadowmoon Valley to grind Skyguard and Netherwing reputations. Or I should probably touch on how the kindness of strangers and friends have me leveling my bank hunter, who is so close to 30.

I'm sorry I haven't. I hope you don't mind. I have been playing an awful lot. A lot on Shadowsong, and hardly any on Smolderthorn. Hubby brought it up the other day, and I admit, I feel a little bad for not visiting. Every time I've logged in, it has been to one or two people. It is summer vacation, and I remember this happening last year. KNR will always be my first guild, and I will keep in touch with them. I got into computers when I was a kid because they were fun, and when I got into dialing out to BBS systems, I kept doing it for the company. When I moved back to California, I found my husband while I was looking for people to talk to. Hubby introduced me to MMO gaming, and I enjoy it for the community. I can't play the game without someone to chat with and run things with.

One of my guild mates on Shadowsong also plays on Smolderthorn. He mentioned that he plays on Shadowsong in this guild for the community. I was in tells while leveling the other day with a fellow blogger, and he was contemplating changing servers because of the lack of community involvement in his guild. Here I am on Shadowsong, avoiding the problem of no people in my horde guild. It's a common theme. What do you do when your friends don't log in? Some of my horde guild mates are entertaining themselves playing Command and Conquer. Some of them are playing Battlefield Heroes. I'm sure a couple in our guild are playing the other side of the fence, still playing WoW, but on other servers. Some are waiting for us to go back to play with them, grinding out achievements while they wait.

I'll just keep telling myself, "It's summer vacation. People will start coming back when school is back in session." Maybe I'll be right, again. I sure hope so.

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Friday Macfay said...

Summer is always like this it seems. Sigh!

We're going through the same thing in Dark Clan. Most nights I log in and there is no one on at all. :( And those that are on end up playing in the sister guild (Lost in Undercity) on the horde side.

Since I only gots an undead warlock on that side at, like, Level 14, I can't even join in the dungeon fun when they are on.

See the evil of the horde?!? They even took my guildies away! NOOOOOOOOO!


It'll pick up again soon. :::fingers and toes crossed:::

Hope all IRL is going well!