Friday, July 31, 2009


Now comes the REAL grind :)


Leiandra said...


And I really need to change my UI. lol. What's the "box" you have around your quests? And why do you have two maps? Sorry... you shared, so now investigating minds want to know. lol.

Shawndra said...

@Leiandra, the box around my quests and the additional map are all part of Carbonite. It's an addon that gives your quests that you choose to track in order of distance from where you are, and the map will show areas to find quest mobs by highlighting the area on that mini map. It does a lot more than that, but I haven't uncovered everything yet :)

Mae said...


I love the feeling of dinging to 80!! It feels like the prize for all the hard work you put into leveling.

Shawndra said...

@Mae I love that ding so much, I'm thinking about dusting off Shawndra and getting her to 80 next.

Someone shoot me!