Monday, July 27, 2009

What Is This Blog About?

According to the few Google searches that reach my page, it is about 19 twink rogues, gear and spell rotations for priests, and hit rating gems, consumables, and enchants.

I haven't posted much of anything useful in a while, mostly due to my insatiable desire to have one Alliance character at 80. Since I am nearing that goal, I think it is time to sit back, look at my blog, and find something to write about.

So, I'm sitting back, I'm looking at my blog, and I am drawing a blank. What do you want to hear about? I know, let me list my credentials as an avid alt-aholic. This should help me decide what to write about, shouldn't it?

  • I have one of every class now above at least 19 (if you don't count the druid, I have one of every other class above 56).
  • I have leveled every profession except blacksmithing to at least 300, either for my characters or my husbands. The professions of choice? Alliance, herbalism and skinning. Horde, enchanting and tailor, herbalism and alchemy or skinning and enchanting (first is priest, second is hunter, third is warrior).
  • I have learned how to level the city factions the best way from level 1. I am learning the best way to level these on an 80, with as little runecloth as possible.
  • I can make money on a strange server, strangely easier than on my main server.
  • I have one of every race on my account. The Gnomes and Blood Elves belong mostly to my children.
  • I have been a guild mistress, an officer, a veteran, and a regular guild member. I'm not so good at being guildless.
  • I play with my husband, or without my husband, depending on his mood. He claims he has fallen out of love with WoW.
  • Some of my children play. My eldest has her own account that is activated for good grades. She hasn't played since junior high ended before Blizzcon '08. /sigh
  • I don't PvP much. I generally PvP alone on my twink rogue when I am so frustrated that I need to feel good about something. When I want to feel powerful and unstoppable. When I PvP on my 80 level characters, it is usually in a guild group. It is painful and unpleasant alone. At least in a guild group we can all laugh at the number of times my priest eats dirt. My priest sports the title "Scout" proudly.
  • I get lost easily. I use Carbonite to quest with. It saves me so much time!
  • Add-ons. I have a few I swear by. Aside from the previous one mentioned, I use SmartDebuff (I use it for dispelling and curing disease, as well as for an easy raid frame to heal people), Autobar (to keep all my silly pets, mounts, fishing stuffs, consumables, trinkets, etc. at my fingertips), Bartender (I like having 3 rows of bars, all in the center bottom of my screen. smaller area to mouse over, as I use a combo of button mashing and mouse clicking to cast), Onebag (so I can have one huge bag instead of 5 different frames), MrPlow (to organize my big bag), Postal (so at one click all the junk I sent my banker of the moment can be emptied into her bags, MBB (to put all my mini map buttons in a nice collapsible row), Rating Buster (for those times my brain can't see where a new item can benefit me), Recount (for the mage/hunter/rogue that is begging for a dps report), Omen (so I can see when I am about to drag the boss away from the tank, which is often!), Automaton (to sell greys and repair easily), and Auctionmaster (lighter than Auctioneer, it makes auction listing easier and better imo). Well, that was a post in itself!
  • Aggro. I live with it in and out of game. Hubby aggro is easily taken care of with a quick Distract or Misdirect. Kid aggro can sometimes be handled the same way, but can also be taken care of with Cooking. Aggro of the in game variety can be taken care of in skill points spent and in careful management of your damaging/healing abilities. I even know how to get aggro and hold onto it. I just don't like to talk about that much. My warrior sits, fishing pole equipped, waiting for another try. Tanking makes me grit my teeth and tense all my shoulder and neck muscles.
  • I have finally figured out the mystery that is the background downloader. I had been wondering why my husband had almost all of the new file Blizzard has been handing out, and I had almost none. Seems I have to stop playing for it to download. Silly me.

There. I may have missed out on a lot. But I guess I could write about something in there. If, after you have read this post, you have an idea you would like to hear my thoughts on, comment below or send me mail! Where? Shawndrakai at gmail dot com.

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Your blog should be about stuff YOU want to talk about; then people like me can join in the conversation via these comments.