Sunday, August 31, 2008

Podcasts I Enjoy

Since I am back to work, there can no longer be all day sessions with my web browser open looking for the latest and greatest WoW news. This, however, is not such a bad thing, as I can return to what I really enjoy; plugging in while I work to some of my favorite podcasts. I'm sure my tastes are pretty mild, so I'll share them with you.

Elune's Grace

A great show for those of the Alliance persuasion, but still very informative for even Horde types. Hosted by Elly and Gheal, the show is mainly about news and what they've been doing in game, with a lore segment from former co-host Sal.

Epic Dolls

Hosted by Leala and Rae, this show has news, in game tidbits, and some segments from others. Stardancer takes you "Off the Beaten Path" with information on quests and areas little known to the general WoW player. Illidarian hosts the lore segment, and there is a drama called "Draenei Family Robinsuun" about a family of draenei after the ship crash and their interaction with their new land. Leala sometimes has some hot fashion tips to share. These gals are Horde in nature, though Leala has been dabbling in the Alliance side of things with a large role playing guild, The Sleeper Cartel.

The Instance

Scott and Randy and some other part time co-hosts put on a fine show about news, rumors, in game stuff, their guild, and have user submitted segments about pvp, add-ons, tips, macros, kids, farm animals, and so on. The show is fun, and often goes off topic, but that's why we like it!

The Signal

This is not a WoW podcast, and it is a pretty long one usually, but I enjoy it. It has segments from all of fandom on everything you can imagine about Firefly and Serenity. Well, WoW likes Firefly, too, so I guess there is some relation!

Yivvits and Mr Bubble

Ok, this has nothing at all in common with WoW. I enjoyed this cast when I was still playing Star Wars Galaxies, and I still do now. These guys are a hoot!

World of Warcast

I would not be doing WoW podcasts justice if I forgot to list this great show. Starman and Renata have been hosting this show for longer than I have been listening. They have a great show, with all the news and in game stuff we love to hear, and sometimes they host class roundtables. The roundtables are very informative, as they gather about 4 people of the same class to talk about builds, abilities, weapons, and other things relevant to the class.

Next time I post about podcasts, I will be adding some that I have found recently...up and comers? Which reminds me, I haven't listened to the Twisted Nether podcast this week.

Got any you listen to that I might be interested in? Comment on it below!

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