Friday, August 8, 2008

Hey everyone, have you met my friend?

So, my hubby and I have been trying out this triple experience thing on the friend account we created. It is amazing! We started out together in the undead area, he a mage and me a rogue, and skipped lightly through our quests....and finished the zone with not enough money to train our talents and at a healthy level 7.5! So, we skipped off to Brill, did just the first quest of each chain, and found ourselves at 13 wondering whether to continue or to skip to the Barrens. We ended up in the Barrens, and then found out something brilliant. Grouped together, one of our guildies asked if we wanted a free run through Ragefire Chasm. Sure, why not was the reply. Maybe the experience would stink, but we'd get some gear to help us level. So we went, and, we both got a full level of experience from it. We went again, and got another level! Wowzas! We start thinking and talking, and we come upon the same conclusion. We have my account, the friend account, and the husband's account. We should try Wailing Caverns the next day! So, we made our way to the Barrens and called it a night.

The experience was fabulous, and we may just instance together all the way to 70, if the buddy system allows it! Thank you Blizzard, my hubby may yet have as many at 70 as I do!

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