Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Lost Some Geek Cred Today

My sister-in-law had us all out to the coolest park today. Sure, a park has all the basics; picnic tables, trees, grass, play sets, grills. But this park had a water park, too. For free! Whee! So, I am now sporting about a jillion more freckles and an unhealthy rosy red burn on my nose and forehead. Ahh, well, it's all for the kids anyway. Bill Amend, the man who puts out the comic Foxtrot, said it all this last Sunday...
Here are some fun pictures of kids playing, so those of you with the healthy pasty glow about you can live vicariously through me!My second to last kiddo, and her "baby".
My oldest and my youngest. Boy, is she tired!
My middle two blasting away at each other, with the second to last running off screen.

All I have to say is, besides "OW! I'm burnt", is yay for free summer fun!

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