Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't you already have a rogue?

That's what I've been hearing for the last week as my husband and I have been leveling our new characters. Well, sure, Rowena is a rogue, but she is forever stuck at 19, for stress relief purposes. And Cereza? I tried out the free transfers to another realm when ours was (and still is) bursting at the seams. She won't be coming back. So Maura was born to accompany Sinnerman in his quest for glory, and levels.

Triple experience is a blessing, but it also hands you quite the dilemma. Your friend, who probably doesn't have a high level character, needs someone to bankroll him as he levels. A regular character wandering Azeroth earns reputation, experience, trade skill points, and copper at a steady rate, with no worry where the training money comes from. At triple the experience, your reputation gains are hurt, as well as your money making. I took a minute and contrasted Gwenna, my level 40 troll magess with Maura, a level 39 rogue, and find that where Gwenna is honored with three of the 5 horde factions, Maura is only honored with the Undercity, and barely friendly with the others. I guess it really follows the lore this way for Maura, being fiercely loyal to her forsaken brothers and sisters, and really only out to get what she can from the rest of the Horde.

Money is tight, but not too tight to mention. Bad pun? Intended! I had taken 50 gold from my shadow priestess to split with Sinnerman and Maura. When we are running dungeons together, Sinnerman is the one I drive, with Maura following obediently behind. He picks everything up, except when it benefits Maura. So, after a couple of days, Maura has spent her allowance, and Sinnerman has 60 gold. That doesn't sound like a big problem, does it? Except my husband doesn't give me money...he makes me earn it. I won't go into details, just suffice to say that I will be running a few dailies to get the money Maura needs with another character.

Did I mention trade skills? Maura, being a rogue, has two that she should be leveling; poisons and lock picking. Breezing through the levels as she has been, she hasn't had time to do these things. Her lock picking skill sits at around 88, and her poisons haven't even been touched. She picked up skinning on a whim, and that sits below the first 75 points, too. I guess when our pals hit 60 they'll be leveling professions before they cruise on out to finish their last ten levels.

Well, I will break here for some real live dailies...the dishes are calling to me! I get paid in WoW playtime for that, so I'd better hop to it!

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