Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ahh, the scent of freshly sharpened pencils...

School is back in session, and I am finding that work, getting kids ready for the new school year, and the task of making more level 70's for my husband has edged writing out of the way. I have to squeeze this in before my hubby gives me the evil eye and takes my laptop from me. You see, it's WAAAAAYYYY past my bedtime. I'm such a bad girl!

Anyhow, to commemorate my ticket purchasing fun, I found a t-shirt with the failoc on the front and the mech on the back, and purchased one I thought would be reasonably roomy. Well, I have learned my lesson, and will be making my own. My high school age daughter is now the proud owner of my shirt. She keeps hugging herself and saying,"I love murlocs!".

I got caught! Mostly because I was falling asleep at the keys. I promise to try and take more time out of the game to write. See how I didn't promise to do it, just to try? I have so much I have been wanting to accomplish before the expansion that sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I want to get all the non combat pets that have been eluding me. I want to grab a few more tabards. I want to learn how to heal on my recently brought to the light priest. I want to get my almost 60 rogue to 70 and get some Karazhan runs under her belt. I want my Alliance magess to get to 70 and experience end game on the other side of the fence. I want my husband to get into playing a character other than his rogue and his 19 warlock twinkette.

I'm going to stop now. As I was rereading the above text I saw the bratty 10 year old shining through with the gimmes and wants. I'm going to send her to the corner now. Think about that for a while!

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