Friday, August 8, 2008

Outland Ho!

Esoterique finally hit that happy 58 mark a couple of nights ago. She took one look at her list of quests, planned her route, and turned in all the completed ones, then went and deleted all of the rest. She emptied her bags, donned a couple of pieces of gear from the Outlands she had found in the auction house, and made her way to the portal.

How did you feel the first time you walked up to that portal? I remember when I used it the first time with Shawndra, and I guess the first time for every character is still awe inspiring. The thing, for one, is huge! The large crater it sits in, and the slope of the ramp to the gate are also just one of those things that make you feel small and insignificant. I thought as she walked up the ramp, "She'll die from the first mobs look of scorn!", remembering how thin her armor was. If, it had been me and not Eso walking up there, I would have been walking really slowly, looking over my shoulder constantly, hands balled into stressful fists at my sides. Eso entered the protal and materialized on the other side. She found the man in charge, and followed orders. Within 10 minutes she was out on her first quest.

She didn't die right away! But the new gear paired with her old conjured water was a disaster. Two bottles of water instead of one every time she needed a break. Thankfully, there were only two levels until the next new conjure water spell. She plugged away at her quest log, finishing things in record time.

Now, she is 61, riding her epic riding mount, and wearing the worst outfit ever dreamed up! But she is in Outlands, and for that, I am proud of myself! The alliance leveling experience was successful, and school only a week away. I doubt I'll hit 70 with her by then, as our triple experience experiment has taken more of my game time, but I'll get there soon enough.

Yay! Anyone got any chocolate cake? A party is required!

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