Monday, December 2, 2013

Blog Azeroth Solstice Advent Challenge.

Matty over at Sugar and Blood started a link party, of sorts.  Here is my first contribution to her Solstice Advent Challenge. I might do another post on this, but first I have to find some more cool lights in Azeroth. Thanks, Matty, for giving me a reason to look at my screenshot folder! Oh, and I know I'm supposed to do 21 screenshots.  I'll get there, but they're going to have to be grouped like this, because, teenagers and 7 year olds and husbands and granddaughter and stuff!

Happy, Homey, Cozy Light.

Filtered Sunlight.


Matty said...

Gorgeous --and hey -no pressure -- those are amazing shots...

Tome of the Ancient said...

Those are all such beautiful screen shots.