Sunday, December 8, 2013

Carlatta's Escapades In Raids.

Carlatta has been hanging out with the Pwny Express of the Cenarius realm for a few weeks now, and my time playing her has been awesome!  She dropped skinning for alchemy, donated metric tonnes of herbs and skins to the guild bank, joined in on World Boss Wednesday a couple weeks ago (missed it this week due to teenagers and broken bed frames), and joined in on some old world raiding and heroic dungeon fun last night!

We started out in Black Wing Lair and Black Wing Descent, then travelled to the Well of Eternity.  Then, we decided to finish out what was needed for the Glory of the Hero achievement. We started with Violet Hold in hopes that Ichoron would be summoned, but to no avail, so we went to the Oculus to get the Amber Void achievement, then to Utgarde Pinnacle for the Incredible Hulk and to try for My Girl Loves to Skadi All The Time.  The Incredible Hulk was a cinch, the other was not.  We'll be better prepared next time!  After this, we went on to get the ZombieFest achievement in the Culling of Stratholme, then left Arthas to finish cleaning up so we could move on to Halls of Stone for Brann Spankin' New (we tried for Abuse the Ooze, but didn't have the strategy until we'd killed too many oozes). Right about there, most of who was left of us were really tired, so I continued on with another hunter from the group and we were able to get a few achievements in Gundrak and Ahn'kahet. As usual, I wish I had taken more screenshots.  Still, what I got was pretty neat!  

Coolest boss entry, ever (which I missed)

A little less talk and a lot more action, please!

This is still one of the hardest fights I've ever done.  I floor tank well!

Hope you are all having as much fun as I am in game!  Tell me about it in the comments, or find me in game (Shawndrakai#1996).  Take lots of screenshots, and I hope to see you in Azeroth!


Anonymous said...

I've always loved the visual of the Kil'Jaeden fight. The room is incredibly aesthetic and his entrance is one of the best in the game. Of course, the premise of the fight itself is up there.

I still remember the first time I ran Sunwell as an LBR and taking people there for their first time.

Navimie said...

I agree, I am still in awe of Kil'jaeden when I do that fight. Glad you had a great time!