Sunday, December 8, 2013

More Lights - Winter Solstice Challenge.

Another installment of mostly screenshots for the Winter Solstice Challenge.  Blog Azeroth is following our posts here if you have posted and want others to see that might not know about your blog. If you can't tell by some of the more recently dated screenshots, I've been playing mostly on my hunter on Cenarius, Carlatta.  She is what my old Carlotta on Smolderthorn would be if she ever reached cap.  I'll post some fun shots in my next post of her travels.  In the meantime, enjoy some light in this dreary, cold time of year!

Eerie Candlelight.

Light piercing the darkness.

Bug lights.

Beacon of Hope.


Street Light.

Northern Lights.


Erinys said...

Those bug lights are so pretty, Blizzard really needs to give us a vanity item which reflects that. Maybe a cloud of sparkly bugs to fly around for a bit on half an hour cooldown.

Jeni Morton said...

Maybe a floating lantern styled like the ones in the picture that lets loose tiny fireflies as an animation? I love the idea :)

Matty said...

Your shots are gorgoues! Just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I enjoy them