Monday, December 23, 2013

Furtive Father Winter Gift : Navimie!

I totally had no idea anything was up when Navimie said she wanted to help me get a few achievements the other night.  Here is my gift from her.  Thanks, Navi!

I decided to spend some time with Shawndra the other day and try to get her some achievements - I saw she had been doing them with her guild, but I wanted her to have some special ones just with me! After perusing her achievements, I saw that there were a few that we could do - so I decided to ask her if she would like to hang out and do a few achievements, and she said yes - but we scheduled it for the following day.  It's always a bit hard when we live on the opposite sides of the planet with funny time zones and all :P So we managed to get on at the same time and I thought we could do some of the older instances first. What I did forget is how OP we are now at 90 instead of 80 and we killed things way too fast.  I wanted to try Halls of Stone and get Abuse the Ooze - it had been a while since I was in there. Shawndra had to tell me what to do (ie wait for Brann!) because I was wandering around like a noob 70 LOL. Unfortunately, we killed him... Then I thought we'd go to Icecrown Citadel and try for some of the ones there. We went into Forge of Souls and tried to do Soul Power, and we did ok for a bit, but then when he went into the middle, all 4 of the souls got sucked back in and we killed him and he died.  Whoops!  But, at least we managed to kill the Devourer of Souls achievement - Three Faced. I didn't have much time, so I thought I would help Shawndra get another one which is quite easy - Hydrophobia.  All she had to do was stand outside whilst I went and killed Wise Mari - it was lucky because at that time her kids needed her to do stuff, so it was a nice time to AFK. So yay, Shawndra! Hopefully we can find more time to do those little things :)

And as a little gift, I made a puzzle for you! Hope you like it, and a Merry Winter Veil!

I'm not sure how to share the puzzle, but if you are interested in a word search, ask me and I'll share it through e-mail! Happy Winter's Veil to all, and thank you Navimie for spending time spent with me in game.  It's the best present ever!

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Navimie said...

I'm glad you liked it! I wish we could have had longer (and I wished I had taken more screenies!) and we coulda done tons of stuff! But we shall find another time I'm sure :D