Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Catching Up.

Playing with my High-Powered Flashlight.
Dinnaeh was born to hang out with the guys from Channel Massive on Monday nights.  I missed out on some instance runs while I was out of WoW during the summer, so she fell behind. A few days ago, I got a tweet from one of my guild mates on the Arthas server.

Poor Dinnaeh, I hadn't played with her in so long, and had so much catching up to do.  She was only 48! So, I signed her up for the dungeon finder.

Anyone know what he is saying?
She had a lot of rested experience, so some of it went rather well.  I took her out for quests in the old world to get some ore while I waited, and I'm sure at least two levels were questing and ore gains.

I hate to kill some dragons.  
10 levels later, Dinnaeh ports from Winterspring to Orgrimmar, where the Warchief commands her to go to Outland.

Through the portal, and on to the Dark Portal!

Access Denied.

PvP was happening, and I had completely forgotten that we were on a PvP server.  Still, it's rather jerky to pick off lowbie just for kicks.  Once is cool, sometimes even twice if they are taking things you want (like ore and herbs and mobs).  I think I made the ghost run at least 4 times to get through the portal.  On the last one, I tried to blink though the portal.  Guess what?  Doesn't work.  I walked through the portal on the wrong side, denied the screenshot of her rite of passage.  I was pretty irked. 

Thrallmar was a pile of skeletons and dead npcs.  I flew out of there the minute the flight master respawned and headed for Shattrath, after trying in vain to get a few mining nodes in Hellfire Peninsula. Good thing PvP doesn't hurt your gear as much as PvE.

After getting to Shattrath, Dinnaeh entered the random dungeon queue again, and manage to level up to 62.  By then, I think we were both tired of seeing the inside of the Ramparts, and I took her to Zangarmarsh to learn more engineering and mine some more ore.  By then, it was time for the guys to run their dungeons, and they pitied my lowbiness and took me along.

Jedi Panda!
If I find the cash to play for another month, I'll even her out with the guys, who are at 65 and 66.  It's always fun hanging out with them, and I really missed it!


Mark said...

Great playing with you Monday night! You will always be our Ultimate WOW Tour Guide!


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Jeni Morton said...

You guys are so awesome! I'm going to have to bone up on my Wrath dungeons soon, I'm not so familiar with them :)