Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let's Do Something Different.

Last night, on a whim, I asked my favorite pally tank if he would heal, so I could tank. He switched specs and gear, and I logged in Shawndra. With his roomies and my guildie/friend Waka on his shaman, Graham hit the random dungeon, and forgot to change roles, so we rolled again, and Shawndra found herself tanking Heroic Culling of Stratholme. We all started laughing hysterically as I said,"We're all going to DIE!" I ran to the flower shoppe and bought us all Stratholme Lilies to hold at our breast upon our first wipe.

Back at the entrance, I asked them what my gearscore was. I hadn't put the add on back after hubby fixed my user interface for the third time in a month. I was surprised to hear a score in the 3800 range. Well, all gear and rusty skills, we grimly set about our task. I can hold aggro pretty well if I don't have to move much and there are two mobs or less, so this may give you some idea of my skill. I lost aggro many times during the trash pulls, and killed a group member at least twice for that reason alone. Graham was not having fun, and neither was I.

We finished without a wipe, about 5 minutes shy of saving Chromie's agent. All the gear was sharded. It is probably safe to say that Graham will not be healing another instance anytime soon. A little later that night I shared the story of our adventure with another friend, a resto shaman who is gearing up. He said he wants to see me tanking again soon. Looks like I have a healer to practice with. Thanks, Wheez!(I think...)

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