Saturday, February 20, 2010

iPod and Wizard 101 Fun!

My kids love Wizard 101. On my account, each of them has a character. The highest one is level 12. I heard through the web somewhere that there was a free application from Kings Isle, the makers of the game. This application is called WizardBlox. It is just like Sorcery Stones in the game, except by playing this, you can win codes for items and gold in game. Since my kids love this so much, I downloaded it and started playing with it. The game all by itself is fun to play. To get codes, you have to be able to connect to the internet. Then, just play until you can't play anymore. I think I got to level seven (I realize this is no great achievement!) before I got distracted and lost. Apparently, it was enough to win something! The game asked if I was a returning wizard or new wizard, and I clicked returning and logged in. I know you all want to see what I got. Well, not me, my daughter that plays the most. I took her out for a short walk on my computer so you could see one of the things you can win; a skeleton transformation!

Immediately after I hit the gift icon after logging in, I was inundated with friend requests, probably because, hey, how cool is this? I, of course, had to turn them all down (this is my daughter's character, not mine!). So, if a skeleton turned you down in game today, don't feel bad. Try friending her when she is online next. I wanted to save the costume for next time she played, as it only lasts for an hour, so I logged out to save what was left.

I probably will be trying this game out a little more, for a break here and there. Stay tuned for more prize reveals!


Leiandra said...

Oh wow... thanks for the tip. My kids and I have toons that are lvl 23 or so. I keep telling them to stop spending money on those "cool" costumes. This looks like a good way around spending actual money on these micro-transactions.

Leiandra said...

Oh! This is only for the iPhone? *sigh* Nevermind. I guess I won't be trying it out.

Shawndra said...

Most of the items they can buy with micro transactions they can loot as well, if they work at bosses. On the Wizard101 site, they have a listing of blogs and fan sites that can help them find the things they want. They'll appreciate them more if they earn them!

Leiandra said...

True, but it's also fun to surprise them, as I'm sure you can relate. :)