Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dearest Ophelie,

Though you knew it not, I have read your blog with interest for many weeks now. Your posts on Blog Azeroth led me there, and your blog has entertained me for a few stolen moments every day since. I am glad that I was chosen to admire you this week!

I'm afraid I am not the sneakiest of suitors. I hope my clues were not so blatant as to lead you to me too quickly, but also not so vague as to leave you wondering. This was quite a brain exercise for me!

Anyhow, Happy Valentine's Day, Sweet Ophelie (which I read means helpful). I look forward to reading more helpful articles on your site for a lot more stolen moments.


1 comment:

Ophelie said...

Thank you so much! All the little attentions you gave me made for a fabulous weekend! And that adaptation of the Poe poem...WOW!

Thank you again! <3