Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Breathtaking Outlands - A Photo Journal.

Delgada dusts off her camera and tours the Outlands, looking for ideal spots to snuggle up to your one and only. She got some great ideas for places to photograph from Arrens, Anna, Syrana, and Indigored. Thanks for the help, and I hope you all find something in here that sparks your romantic imagination!

What is the most incredible sight you have ever seen in game? For me, it was the sky seen through the massive columns after stepping through the Dark Portal. The Hellfire Peninsula itself is really void of beauty, save for the skies above. For a great picnic place, all you have to do is pick your favorite bit of floating debris and spread a blanket.

Zangarmarsh is gloomy, but can still provide a lovely backdrop for a romantic get together. Sit together atop a giant mushroom overlooking one of the lakes...

or find a secluded pond for some skinny dipping. Watch out for Naga. They don't take kindly to other people using their swimming pools.

The Lower City Tavern in Shattrath is decorated for the season. If you stop by at the right time, you can enjoy the company of your lovely date and the Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftains.

Ruuan Weald in the Blade's Edge mountains seems to be welcoming lovers as well. When the curators are all asleep, take a dip with your sweet in the moonwell.

The innkeeper has set aside a room in the inn with satin sheets and mood lighting. Most couples will find this part of Blade's Edge very quiet and far away from the bustle of Northrend scourge fighting. The perfect get away!

Nagrand is lush and vibrant. If you and your Valentine enjoy hunting and fishing, this place is ideal.

If you don't, there are areas for rock climbing, swimming, free falling (bring along a priest or mage for best results), even a super trampoline!

Leaving the cheer and brightness of Nagrand and following the Lower Path into Terokkar, the mood changes to melancholy. Don't let the mood of the area get to you. This is one of the great places to lay down and look up at the sky.

The light from the sun and stars filters through the leaves and crystalline pine cones turn each beam into sparkling, tiny rainbows, beauty in the midst of sorrow. If your date is in a pensive mood, this could be a good place to end up.

What can anyone say about Shadowmoon Valley? It's dark, evil mood is punctuated by angry bursts and trails of fire in the sky. This is not the ideal place to take your intended, unless they have an unhealthy obsession with Illidan and the Black Temple.

Now, if you were looking for a heated spring to soothe war weary aches and ease tensions, you might well shoo away the naga and elementals from this place. I believe they may be the only hot springs in Outland.

Netherstorm, though in bits and pieces, still has some areas that any pair of lovers could enjoy together. The Eco Domes, marvels of science and magic, preserve some of the most beautiful tropical wildlife in both worlds.

Swimming, hunting, fishing, or just walking along enjoying the heady scents of hibiscus and other tropical flora, your partner will enjoy every minute spent inside.

Just mind the crocodiles.

Is your date interested in gemology, or a jewel crafter? Perhaps a stop on the Celestial Ridge for some "rock" climbing is in order.

Stage a ceremony at this secluded little chapel on Wizard's Row. Just make sure you clear the area of its ghostly and demonic denizens first.

Say your fella seems to have missed the boat? Take him out to captain this one in the Twisting Nether just south of Wizard's Row.

Outland is full of surprising and breath taking sights. What I have been able to photograph are just a small sampling of what Outland has to offer. Take your favorite person and pick a zone to explore together as part of your date. Take your own pictures, and put them into a scrapbook to make this date one to remember for years to come!


Anea said...

Mmm, the moonwell in Ruuan Weald looks like it's steaming. As if it were a hot tub!

*wants to go take a dip but is afraid of severely offending Elune*

Syrana said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS screenshots! :D

Shawndra said...

@Anea, I think I have been dreaming of a hot tub session for months, so everything that looks like one ends up in a screenshot :)

@Syrana Thanks! Couldn't have done it without you!

Tam said...

These are absolutely lovely :)

(Moonwells have always looked hottubs to me, even more so at the moment ;) )