Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Awkward Silences

I'm still here. I've been kinda sick, kinda pretending to raid (sorry I missed tonight guys), and really dealing with a teenage daughter. See, she likes these things called boys, and, well, she likes to tip toe around and pretend she doesn't, and sneak visits with them while telling mom how she is being a wonderful daughter and retaking tests. Sorry, mom was a teenage girl once, and those excuses have been used. Not by me, I was too busy working and hanging out in a digital world to really date until I was nearly 18, but I saw them used by friends. Nope. It took me a day or so, but we got this all figured out. Mom now officially knows daughter is dating, knows boyfriend, has verbally pounded both over the head for being shifty and doing things both know are inappropriate, and they are both grounded until the girl gets out of the nunnery. All that done, it was too late to log in and try out Lady Deathwhisper (is that the boss after Lord Marrowgar? I forget) with everyone else, so I turned to suitor number two, Wizard 101.

Wizard 101 is so forgiving of someone who has to take seconds away from the keys, or minutes. The three year old was having problems staying in bed, so between the hubby and I we got up and put her down at least 4 more times. There are no safe zones in WoW, except for Shattrath and Dalaran. You can't kill anything but time in those two areas, anyhow, so why bother? In Wizard 101, I can hop to the walkway, swat a toddler, grab a drink, and hop out into the street to collide with another mob. Fantastic!

Unfortunately, I have hit a wall. I guess I bought an area for my second youngest last year sometime, so I didn't run out of content right away. Now, I am stuck needing everything for 4 quests that come from a certain area, and a dungeon I have to unlock and the teleporter to unlock Krokotopia. I will have to grab the calculator and decide how much I need to unlock it all. This still isn't running me near as much as my World of Warcraft addiction, but I can see it getting close to it if I decide I need a pony/dragon/cat/wings and that I need my outfit to look like the rogues gear (so cool!). I have been content, so far, with just coloring my items to match.

That iPod game is a real blast, and the kids have sent a bunch of gold and elixirs to my account while playing it. I played it, changed the wizard to my daughter's, and won an evil snowman transformation. I read a certain blogger is giving away codes for gold and the like from his play time of the WizardBlox game. Leave him a comment, you may get lucky. Or, you could ask me nicely, and I could dedicate an hour of my time (or a bored kid's) to trying to win something neat for you. Sorry, seems since I read this this afternoon and into tonight, he has gifted all his codes out, but stay tuned to his blog. There is more that just the codes to read, and you never know. I may have two or three codes to spare by Friday night, so comment if you want one of mine. I'll even leave it a surprise at what you get!

Well, enough of the awkward silence. I will make an effort to keep you all posted on what is going on in game for me and my guild in WoW. I will also be posting a bit more about this newest fling. If you are playing and want to add me, my favorite character is Rowan Trollstalker, a level 14 life/fire wizard. Just whisper in my ear first. All these random friend requests are unnerving!

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