Saturday, January 30, 2010

What I'm Doing and Planning, January Edition

Been pretty busy around this house, trying to push an elephant through the eye of a needle. There just isn't enough room. My subscription to WoW ran out about the same time I stopped receiving child support, so I am playing the remaining time on hubby's account, then waiting until the tax return gets in to pay for a whole year, so that I don't have this problem next year. I'm not sure how long it will take for child support to kick back in, so I may be cutting off internet for a while, in order to push as many pennies at my mortgage as possible. Lunch ladies just don't make enough money to pay the bills of a 6 person family alone.

On a positive note, this will encourage me to get some spring cleaning done, work on my Wii Fit, and become a little more comfortable with a Playstation controller. I have been wanting to try out Fallout 3. Even though hubby has invited me over to his computer to play, I would rather do it during the week uninterrupted on the console while he is busy playing Battlefield Heroes with his friends. That, and we have all these other games on there that I keep hearing other people rave about; The Orange Box, Bioshock, Little Big Planet, and Lego Rockband. I am looking forward to trying them out, tying up the console while the kiddies do their chores and homework! Oh, and I found Oblivion sitting in a desk drawer. That could occupy some space on my laptop for a while. I never got past the first part of that game, as we were busy raiding Burning Crusade content when it was gifted to me.

As for in World of Warcraft, my fun with my druids was cut short, as was my unspoken goal to get Shawndra a couple of nasty two handed axes and return her to dps. Instead, I have been gearing my hubby's mage Sinnerman, and leveling his bank alt druid Bourguignon. I just love his druid! His coloring and horn style really make him look French, and the name we picked for him is so fitting (and makes me hungry!) When my favorite pally tank and company are not on (we now have a full group, with a healer and everything!) Bourguignon gets to heal lowbie stuff or place auctions, and when he is on, we run stuff with Sinnerman. Oh, and I have been leveling professions for Sinnerman, too. Sinnerman is almost to BC content with his jewelcrafting and enchanting. I think I also forgot to mention Muppsy, my baby gnome warlock. I had to have some way of hanging out with the Illuminati Order on my alliance server, and she is fun, even if I a frustrated by her always backing into danger while fearing off opponents. She got to run Ragefire Chasm yesterday, and got a new belt. What is it with people only going to the first boss, and skipping the one that drops the sexy red robes? Silly Alliance players.

So, that is what I have been doing and what I plan for some f the future. I will still have wifi access to update the site with tales of my escapes into video game land should I turn off the internet for a bit. I sure hope it doesn't come to that. I would miss my friends, and all of you! Have a great weekend. I hope to have a post up soon, probably something about bettering an arcane mage. Stay tuned!


mo said...

A break from WoW sounds kinda nice right now. I also have games I never tried because they would eat into my Warcraft time. Luckily I got through Oblivion before I bought WoW two years ago, because I could not see getting through it with my current situation.

Anyway, I hope you achieve your goals soon enough. Please stop by the VGO/WCO forum once in a while too :)

-Vigio (formerly Sisslepuss)

Shawndra said...

Hey Vigio :)

I'll try to remember to stop by the forums. I haven't even been stopping in to my Horde guild forums, and I'm the web mistress! Thank goodness they seem to manage themselves.