Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Join The Queue At All?

Today, I started out checking my auctions on Rowena, then got a whisper from a friend. We could run together! We're only 10 levels apart now, so I suggested Scarlet Monastery, and roped hubby into logging in his 39 blood elf rogue. Then, she remembered she hadn't spent her talent points since they were wiped, and begged forgiveness and promised to run something with us later in the week. That's fine, said Nira, and promptly hopped into the looking for group queue. She's been living there since level 15, and it has treated her well so far. Tonight, Nira's first run was Scarlet Monastery - Graveyard. This went without a hitch, Nira got a necklace she couldn;t use, everone said goodbye, and that was it. Nira spent about 20 minutes repairing and restocking in Thunder Bluff before deciding that she didn't want to heal anyone else. So, I logged in Lostariel.

Lost's first instance was Gnomeregan. Tank number one disconnected shortly after zoning in, leaving us with 4 minutes until we could kick her. The warlock, mage, and I cleared some trash in anticipation of a replacement, as the hunter had left when we noticed we had no living tank. Lost dinged 28, took the quest for her grime encrusted ring, and a balance druid and a paladin joined us, We headed down the corridor toward the clean room. Someone said they had to go afk for a minute, so Lost cleaned her ring and a few grime encrusted objects The paladin disconnected. Then, another person dropped group. That was pretty much the end of it, and everyone left to do something else. Frustrated, I logged out and logged in my rogue, Maura.

Maura queued for the random dungeon and started turning in quests. She then set out to find the parts of a book, but ran into the Frost Nymphs. She took the head nymph's quest, then stealthed and picked all the lesser nymphs pockets, then gathered 13 of the 15 ice elemental shards she needed before she finally got her invite. She ported into Utgarde Keep, poisoned her blades, and got ready to start. Maura was just above the healer in dps, and just below the tank. The tank kept losing aggro to the other dps. At the pull just before the first boss, we wiped. the healer and the tank agreed that the tank needed a higher health pool, so the paladin dropped. Then, everyone else did. Maura ported out of the dungeon, turned in the ice elemental shards, picked the dryad's pockets one more time, and hearthed.

I logged in Niranjani one more time, thinking I might want to run another dungeon. Five minutes passed, and I just shut the game off. Ugh. Maybe I'll respec one of my three druids to tank and try that out for a while. Or, there is always Shawndra. I could macro a disclaimer before every instance. What would I say? Maybe,"My main is a healer. I haven't tanked anything since Karazhan. If you have crowd control, be prepared to use it." Yeah, that sounds good. And maybe, just to really scare them, I will equip my level 70 tanking trinkets, since they are all I have. No, no, I am not that desperate for a run with a tank in it that I would go and be one myself.

I started this post yesterday and am lost as to where I was going with it. *looking at title and rubbing chin* There it is! Tanks disappearing not even 4 minutes into an instance has to stop! That's all I have for today. I have been scooted to hubbys machine so he can fix my user interface(another reason I didn't feel much like playing yesterday, it's hard to dps the point and click way!) so that key bindings will work on my rogue. Lostariel is nearing her 29th level, and soon comes the gearing and enchanting fun. Stay tuned!

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