Sunday, January 10, 2010

Come Back When You Don't Suck

I have about had it with the attitude a lot of low level dungeon runners have. Today I have been in two groups where the tank pulled as much as any tank that overgears a Northrend heroic and expected me to keep up. The last group I had a paladin pulled most of the front part of the room with Twilight Lord Kelris, and the boss, then when I was the last one standing...

If you care to read his parting lines, be my guest and click on that picture. Sure, I'm not wearing heirloom gear like he is , but I have kept up with my level in gear, and it's not feral gear!

I guess I will have to rest in the knowledge that some have told me I was doing a good job. I'm a girl, and I reserve the right to get snippity and stay that way for no good reason for hours. If this gal at Hots and Dots can, I can too.


koalabear said...

Aww thanks for the link love!

Stupid people and their ignorance of the real situation in instances.


I am afraid it is here to stay sadly.

Shawndra said...

There should be a school for bad pugs, kind of like traffic school when you get a ticket.

5 people drop group and ignore you = 1 hour class on how not to be an asshat.

Thanks for stopping by, @koalabear :)