Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Turn The XP Back On!

I tried. Lostariel sat in the twink battleground queue for 45 minutes during peak play time twice this last week, and got nothing. Today, frustrated after only 20 minutes, I turned to the Reckoning battlegroup forums. A post titled,"Is 19 dead?" or something similar caught my eye, so I read through it. Turns out all the 19 battlegrounds have dried up and the serious twinks have blown over to the Ruin battlegroup. Great. I just equipped those boots for nothing. 19 just isn't worth transferring.

Good news was just a few posts lower. Seems that the Reckoning battlegroup has become THE place for 29 battleground twinking! All I have to do is turn on the experience gain for Lostariel, research the next level of gear, and start running instances again. I think Lostariel should be well enough geared by mid week to make the first of Reckoning's scheduled battleground gatherings.

Tomorrow I hope to have a shopping list ready for everything a healing Druid needs to start out in the 29 bracket. If I start her in the battlegrounds early enough, she may have good enough reputation to get gear from Arathi Basin.

Sorry about the short post. Writing on an iPod is difficult! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below. I could certainly use the help!

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