Friday, April 24, 2009

Twinking Post 3.1

This past week, I had the pleasure and pain of taking my bank alt, Rowena, into her first Warsong Gulch in a very long time. Apparently, it had been so long, that when I was transported into the Horde Flag room, I discovered it. It took me until today to realize that I had taken her after I put the finishing touches on her gear, because how else would I have had the scout's medallion around her pretty little neck?

Back to the story. It was purely out of rage that I took her in, as most times are, because she is my frustration release. Not getting my way? Rowena comes out to play. This time, I was at home as my husband was out picking up his kids for the weekend. First of seven was home to watch Seventh of seven so that I could nap. I desperately needed a nap. So, hubby pulls out of the drive, and I prepare to log out by logging in Rowena to post auctions. Just as Rowena pulls through the nether and finds herself inside the Orgrimmar Bank, First of Seven's boyfriend walks through the door. He is a nice enough kid, very careful of respecting my wishes when I am within earshot, even to the point of steering my daughter away from stubbornly doing the opposite of what makes me happy. Now, as many parents of teenagers, I have been accused of "not trusting" my offspring, "not being fair", and been called many names. I don't nap when anyone else's kid is spending time under my roof and I am the only adult present. It isn't kosher. She tried to get me to take a nap, I told her my point, she got huffy, Rowena steered away from the auction house. She had just made an impulse buy of 14 explosive sheep, and she had found a perfect reason to use them. Rowena's operator, crankier than all, is more than into this foray into the battleground.

Rowena tells the battlemaster she is ready, and waits her summons. Less than a minute passes, and she is whisked into a battle that is almost won, with only one more flag needing to be run. She runs out to the middle, thinking they don't need a guard in the flag room at this point, and looks for an easy mark. Remember, friends, this is after the patch, and Rowena has taken a little ding. I say little, because even though this patch took away 500 health, 12 agility, and 10 haste rating, it did not take away enough to make me want to kill Rowena and redo her. Rowena got out there and did what she has always done best, making them run screaming after one sinister strike, then following them and finishing them off. Nothing wrong with this part of the game, she all of a sudden is mobbed by most of the other force, and sprints away with just a hair left on her health bar. Finally dropping combat, she stealths and sneaks into the flag room to bandage. No bandages, bad rogue, so she will have to report on whether she is still able to use heavy runecloth bandages another day. At that point, with half her health back, she runs back out to kill a few more, and someone gets past and gets the flag. Somehow, she catches up, and kills him.

Rowena is a great flag room guard. She likes to place a guard sheep near the flag and stealth near him, poised ready to sap and start ripping the enemy to shreds. So, sheep placed, she waits impatiently for the next flag runner. He shows up, and the sheep ignores him. WHAT? Rowena misses the sap she is so upset about the stupid sheep, and starts whaling on the carrier. She follows that sucker all the way to the gates of their flag area before she dies from lack of healing support. The flag is capped, and the flags are returned. If she could have gotten in just a couple more swings...crusader would have procced, and he would have been down. She shuffled back to her self assigned guard post, pulled out another sheep, and waited. Someone leaves the battle, and a new one arrives, pats the sheep on the head, and goes off to farm honor. Rowena skulks along the wall, waiting for another. The same person this time, the sheep continues to ignore them, but someone had been hiding upstairs watching, and jumped down to help. He got out to the first bit of green before she landed the killing blow, and returned the flag. The call from the rest of the players was to grab the flag and end this battle, so they did. Rowena didn't check her damage, she had done well for herself, and she knew it.

My thoughts? I could care less about the lost leg armor kit, the lost head arcanum, and the lost chest enchant. I may replace the chest enchant with the lesser absorption enchant, just because it is level appropriate and I have always wanted to play around with it. I can even deal with the fact that those nifty pair of boots in my bank from Nat Pagle she will never be able to wear. But the sheep?


On a side note, I have searched, mostly in vain, for this problem. A few people have had the same problem. It may not be a priority. PLEASE MAKE IT ONE! /batlashes

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