Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vacationing in Shadowsong

I'm on spring break. My body figured this out the minute I closed my kitchen on Friday. I swear my nose was runny and my throat had that "you're getting a sore throat ha ha" feeling as Idrove out of the staff parking lot. Even though Delgada has the horrendous Hodir reputation grind ahead of her, not to mention finishing out Kirin Tor and Argent Dawn for the spell threads, I just haven't felt like playing alone. So, I joined the Illuminati Order on Shadowsong with my priest, Kalinka. She's 21 now, and doing pretty well. I even started a hunter, named Minya, and got my daughter started on hubby's account with her own hunter, who shall remain nameless, mostly because she has been happy to have the same name on each server she rolls on, and I don't want to spoil it! We also made Death Knights, mostly so we can do dungeon drags for the lower levels. I won't broadcast our names, as, again, they are belonging only to us. Daughter has the corner on her name, with one result (her other has been off for too long to show), and mine with two. You find a good name, and you stick with it!

That is why I haven't posted much. Been busy leveling, coughing, nursing a teenager, chasing a toddler, and dog sitting. All 21 levels I have had an old-fat-cat-hating dachsund, a hyperactive aging chihuahua, and a very old small mixed breed sitting at or on my feet, in my lap, or on my shoulders. My poor kitty has been locked in my back room for over a week, until the dogs go back home with my father in law, and then she gratefully comes out, eats and does the little things she needs to do, and perches on the back of a couch. I feel so bad for her. I'm sure she doesn't mind in the slightest. A quiet room with a view, no kids or animals to bother her, and unlimited napping time? Maybe I don't feel sorry for her, but I am a little jealous now!

This coming week, my plans are to work on my second raised bed garden, catch up on my favorite podcasts, and get Kalinka and my daughter to at least 40. I also plan to kick my cough syrup habit, introduce my kids to manual labor by making them clean up the yards, and find new blogs to add to my reading list. Maybe I'll squeeze in some Rock Band, if I stop breaking into coughing fits. So, if you have any suggestions for blogs I should be reading, leave me a comment!

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