Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have Fun.

Back to work this week. It was inevitable. Someone has to feed these kids, right? That means I am busy catching up on all the pod casts I have been missing since Spring Break hit our household. Why didn't I listen during break? Let me draw you a diagram...
The size of the room? Just barely big enough to fit all those people. I tried shooing them outside, but they kept coming back. Why? Rock Band, Burnout Paradise, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Boy on chair is attached to game boy when not in control of PS3, or illicitly using two of seven's psp. One of seven, and sometimes two of seven are usually involved with a psp, a cell phone, or a combination of these devices. Seventh of seven is busy making everyone else miserable by taking unused controllers and pushing all the buttons (She is three, it's what she does. She knows how to start her movies on the PS3, how to turn on the surround sound, and is learning how to run my laptop.). That leaves fourth, fifth, and sixth to fight over the gaming systems. And fight they do, until the settle on a title, crank the volume to an unacceptable level, and proceed to complain that so and so is cheating/is not sharing/is pushing all the buttons/sucks and shouldn't be playing. I could play the my-sound-system-is-louder-than-yours game, but I'm supposed to be the mature one. We leave that one up to the husband. I tried headphones, but seventh of seven decided to launch them across the room at me when she had her fill of Veggie Radio a couple of weeks ago, breaking a small bit of key plastic on each side of the headphones. They are now held together with binder clips, mostly because I don't want to take them to Best Buy and admit that, once again, I had to use the product replacement plan on them. Headphones are a problem with me. I want to keep these just a little longer, so it looks better on me (o.k. only I and my husband notice this, but still, I notice!).

Anyhow, that is my reason for not listening to many, if any, pod casts these past few weeks. My point is, I got to listen to Epic Dolls today, and Leala was talking about having fun in game. Having fun? I looked back at the past 3 weeks, and really, that is all I have been doing. Too sick to put up with the recent batch of departures in my main guild, I had rolled up Halinka and Minya on Shadowsong, playing with the Warcraft Outsiders guild (which, by the way, is also a fabulous podcast, and if you aren't listening, you should be!). I have been plotting ways to get achievements at crazily low levels, somehow making big enough amounts of cash to fund a couple of silly achievements (Stable Keeper and Plethora of Pets being the biggest ones), and chatting in guild chat when there were people to listen to me blather. I have logged into my Horde server, mostly to let them know I was still alive, and to do the daily cooking and fishing quests. I haven't had the time or the energy to do any long questing sessions, or run many instances, so it has been fun. But all fun must come to an end, and I think Halinka and Minya will not be seeing a whole lot of action in the next few weeks, as I concentrate on getting Delgada her Kalu'ak reputation for the fishing pole, keep up with cooking and fishing dailies in hopes of hats and mini pets and recipes, and maybe hit the Argent Tournament a week after the patch that put it in. Because, it's all about having fun, and let's face it, Delgada has all the fun. World Traveler, chef, master fisherwoman, zookeeper, and sometimes face melter, she too deserves to get out in the sun and have some fun.

Thanks, Leala, for putting it into words so I could understand it. And here I thought I was just pulling a classic bit of escaping!

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