Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Steps to Leveling Reputation

I figured I'd do my homework assignment for the 31 Days to a Better Blog today on Reputation. Since Halinka is working desperately to reach exalted with the Stormwind faction near her 30th birthday so they will sell her a Black Stallion, this seemed like a good time to break my plan of attack down into a list.

  1. Research. I started off by visiting WoWhead and browsing for factions. I found Stormwind, and there it was, my list of quests that give reputation. I prioritized them by level, and left it up in my browser for reference.
  2. Prepare. Stop by the auction house and purchase as many needed items as you can for the area you are traveling to. This could be pig snouts, cloth, a bronze tube, whatever. This will cut down on time grinding for drops, which will speed you along. If you don't have one already, set up a character you can send items to so you don't have to take unnecessarily long breaks. If you haven't thought of it already, get a good helper add-on such as Carbonite or Quest Helper to guide you to quests you aren't familiar with, to save time.
  3. Travel. Start walking, riding, or flying if you are so fortunate, to the quest area. If you are flying, take the opportunity during this down time to gather real world supplies, such as snacks, drinks, or any child laborer who might be helping with this project.
  4. Turn in. If you have the items to complete a few quests on arrival, do it!
  5. Quest. Make sure your bags are empty, and with the guide as your plan of attack (I use Carbonite), hit up as many quests as your bags will allow. When your bags are full, go back to step 3 and repeat through 5.
That's all there is to it. Today, Halinka is waiting for me to log in and finish out Redridge Mountains, then return to Darkshire to finish up a few quests that were out of her reach. Then she is off to Wetlands, to work on the Missing Diplomat quest chain. She hit 30 last night, roughly 8000 reputation short of her goal. I doubt she will have the needed reputation before level 32, but I don't mind "hoofing" it just a little longer (ha ha I know Draenei humour, make sure to tip your waitress, I'm here all night!), if that means that she gets a horse instead of an elekk.

I shouldn't keep Halinka waiting. Though her name means calm, I think she was named rather hastily...

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