Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Looking Back At The Reputation Grind.

Yesterday, I posted a list of steps to take to level reputation with a faction. Today, Halinka left the inn, put on her running shoes, stopped by the mailbox to clean out her bags, and looked to her "GPS" device to guide her to her next area. She then snorted, stomped her hoof, and said, "Forget that!", and promptly set her goal to sailing to Auberdine instead of the intended Wetlands. Why did she do that? Well, I think she secretly wants all the mounts, and Auberdine did offer a little Stormwind reputation, but it also offered some Darnassus reputation, which she was almost out of honored with. So, Halinka has about finished with Auberdine, and, though she should probably be gaining some experience points as well, may just sail over to Darnassus and spend some time finishing off the Night Elf starter area first. So, she shall once again be following that short, easy to use list, using her GPS to make her questing more efficient, and sending the detritus to Minya. She is gaining a lot of rested bonus as she puts up the auctions and sends the cash back(with the occasional non-combat pet) to Halinka.

If you didn't get a chance to read yesterday's post, I think it was short, sweet, and to the point, and a decent guide to getting the job done. If you did, forgive my rambling, as I have already nudged my guide to leveling reputation on Twitter (twice-once earlier today and once coming along here again quickly!) and on my signature image at the end of my horde guild forum posts.

Oh, and Halinka's progress on Stormwind Reputation? At 10:30 pacific standard time, she had only a smidge more than 1000 to go. Auberdine turned out to be a great idea after all!

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