Friday, May 1, 2009

Computers: Can't Live Without 'Em, Can't Shoot 'Em!

It's been rough for me and my electronics this past month. April was the month of endless flu for me. For my computers, it was about the same. The hard drive on my laptop told me when I turned it on to back up my files, because it was about to burn. When I took it in to Best Buy, the diagnostic turned up bad memory as well. Just squeaking by under warranty by a week, they shipped it to Dell for a repair. That night, hubby's desktop decided it needed a new motherboard, as I was blissfully unaware, playing on hubby's new gaming laptop. Hubby was then relegated to an EeePC during my at home hours, or the entertainment rig hooked to the television. Somewhere before all of this one of my younger daughters (I think it was Sixth of Seven), beat up the Rock Band drum set, leaving it so badly injured that it doesn't register every beat now.

Well, my laptop is back, hubby is in possession of his gaming laptop, and the desktop has been laid to rest for the time being. Things would seem to be right with the world. I downloaded World of Warcraft, installed the add-ons I remembered I used, and went to work on getting the new polymorph spell for my alt mages. After about an hour and a half of hopping around Dolanaar, my computer just turns itself off. No warning, just off. It didn't feel overly hot, and I had a fan on under it. I sat looking at the screen in stunned silence, then turned it back on to go back about getting Esoterique her polymorph spell.

It didn't happen again last night, but it has managed to do it twice today, about an hour apart. I have had my laptop on for about an hour now, just running FireFox and ThunderBird, and no problems or excess heat yet. I'm going to go try and do some Children's Week quests on Esoterique. If my computer behaves, I may log in Delgada for some quests, too. Cross your fingers for me, wouldja?

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