Monday, May 4, 2009

Just One More Level?

Things on Smolderthorn have been quiet this past week. Too quiet, really, so after Delgada had finished her cooking and fishing dailies, and her mad rush for the Noble title, I logged in to my two alt mages (Esoterique and Gwenna) and hippity hopped their way to the polymorph:rabbit spell. That didn’t take too long, so I logged in to Minya, sorted out some auctions, hippity hopped her way to a head piece (those bunny ears…if there had been more time I would have taken every single one of my characters out just to get those silly things!). What kind of egg hunter was I? Well, by the time I decided to do this with a few alts, the insane camping of egg spawn points had been whittled down to a very few, so I just ran from egg to egg, getting most, and missing some. I didn’t even bother using the silly basket, as by running slower, I grabbed some spawns as people zoomed by me.

Noblegarden over, I logged in Halinka to do her Children’s week quests. When she finished hers, Esoterique set off to do her two sets of orphan quests. They were so much easier on a mage! It took as long on Halinka to do her one set as it took for Esoterique to do both sets. Done with those, it was a new day after all, so I logged in Delgada to do her daily cooking and fishing quests. While I was in Shattrath, she picked up her blood elf orphan, but didn’t do anything with her, because I had promised to do the achievements with the hubby. No chocolate cake recipe, no mini pet, no fishing pole. Delgada was only mildly amused with her new compass. Being a bit upset about it all, she stopped by the toy store and bought herself a few new toys to fiddle with.

Noone was on, hubby was off dropping 3 of the seven off at their mother’s house, so I was left to my own devices. I pulled out Halinka, hearthed to Menethil, and took a boat to the other continent. Theramore had many quests for her, and she dinged 37, then 38. She did all this even without Cartographer! I wonder if she would have hit another level still had she had a pointer to follow. Not long after the ding of 38, hubby got home, and it was TV dinner night, so I zapped a chicken teriyaki meal for him, pulled out a chicken parmesan for me, and sat down hoping for one more level. Then, having been in Ventrilo for all this time alone, it started getting more occupants.

One more level, please? Nope. Hubby logged in to start running some battlegrounds with the boys, and Delgada donned her newly crafted Frostsavage set and started enchanting some pieces with the materials she had. By the time that was done, they remembered to invite me to the group, and we tried out Strand of the Ancients. It was the first time I had been there, and I am still very confused. When I get home today I will have to read more about it. The battle lost, we hearthed to Dalaran, and hopped directly into Wintergrasp. I have only been to Wintergrasp to do Vault of Archavon and the fishing quests, so still confused, I picked up some anti-tank missiles and started blasting away. We lost. I’m sure it wasn’t my fault. I had such bad lag that I don’t think I got to do much of anything useful. I doubt I’ll do Wintergrasp again. My laptop can’t handle it.

After that, enough guild members had logged in, including hubby, to do the “Hail to the King, Baby!” achievement, so we picked up a lonely hunter from the lfg channel and finished it off. We wiped during the gauntlet because the silly healer didn’t get out of the dragon’s frosty breath (Delgada needs some practice mooovvviiinng). The hunter dinged 80, we finished the instance, achievement and all. Hubby and I headed out to the Argent Tournament grounds, and started out the quests there. My thought was that for the daily quest achievement, since it now only requires that you complete 5 daily quests, not the same one 5 days in a row, that there would be at least 5 daily quests out there that we could knock them all out at once. We finished one daily, then flew out to Grizzly Hills to kiss some frogs. That lady would not come out. I think we kissed at least a hundred frogs. By then it was late, so we flew to Ulduar and logged out, with the idea that we would gather stone and then go get wood in Crystalsong Forest to finish dailies 3 and 4, and that would leave one last daily, which would be the scourge killing. Busy day ahead of me when I get home, as we had also planned on trying to run Naxxramas (10) if we had the people to do it tonight (which is when I will be posting this!).

I am just slightly disappointed at the tease of having quests for the Oracles during Children’s week, and not actually getting them. Was I hearing things, or assuming things? I wanted a baby goreloc!

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