Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Server - New Priest

My husband and I have some real life friends who play on the Ysera server, Horde side. They have tried to live the PvP server life style, and it just leaves a bad taste in their mouth every time. So, again, my husband and I have started afresh on a PvE server. I started a priest, for no other reason than I wanted to start a robe collection(Note my robes are a bit low cut. This is intentional :)). My husband started a mage.

Going through some of the vanilla content all over again after several months of just racing past it during the recruit a friend period we paid for, I feel so slow! Where we merrily completed 1/3 of the quests in an area and moved on before, now I find even at the end of the area I want another level to cushion the blow of questing alone. My husband is out in the Blood Elf area skipping along, tapping mining nodes, and taking things a bit slower. Evangelista is trying very hard to meet expectations. You see, the second I whispered my friend in game, I found myself in a guild. It's a smallish guild, and that is fine. The guild master had set before me the task of grabbing all the Wailing Caverns quests and said she would run me and the husband through. I only sort of grabbed a few quests. I had forgotten that it takes some time to get a couple of the quests, and when she was ready to go, I was still in Thunder Bluff grabbing the Leaders of the Fang quest. I returned to Crossroads, helped summon my hubby (still level 10) from Silvermoon, and missed grabbing the quests in the eye of the cave. While I was in Thunder Bluff, I forgot to grab the Serpentbloom quest, too, so I was in there with only two quests and the promise of a third. We ran through, grabbing the loot as she ran by dotting everything, and I skinned until I ran out of room and hit my skinning level cap. Not much cloth dropped, and I missed grabbing the gem off Lady Anacondra.

To sum up, I gained 2 levels today, until my internet connection decided to become Local Only as I listened to the Twisted Nether Blogcast. My husband gained one, and a nice new robe. Thanks to Pastina for the run, and the promise of a Shadowfang Keep run soon!


Mae said...

I've been working on the Loremaster stuff and I have a long way to go, but it's kind of fun doing the Vanilla WoW stuff again!

Shawndra said...

I need to work on some of that stuff too, but I have to break away every once in a while. I logged into Delgada tonight and pretended to dps heroic Utgarde Keep. If it had not been a guild run....