Monday, January 12, 2009

Dumb Warrior Learns New Trick...err...Macro.

Delgada is ready for raiding. Mostly. Tonight she hit 438 enchanting, and her tailoring is at 440ish. She is missing a few enchants (mostly because I have been using my materials to level, and not to improve her gear), and could probably upgrade some of her gems. All in all, she is ready. If she needed to heal Naxxramas, she could do it. Not alone, mind you, but she would be an asset to a raid. KNR isn't raiding, seriously, yet. I think someone posted a raid for this week. As we just lost our main tank (C, you are missed! Damn this economy for making you do this!), scheduled raids for the last 2 weeks have been cancelled due to lack of...interest? Or maybe it's because we don't have enough of the right people in the right places. Whatever, it turns out we are lacking in tanks. Delgada, it has been fun. Dust off your tank set, Shawndra.

So, I borrowed 50 gold from the guild bank to respec back to protection. All these new talents, what to pick? Sure, once leveling is over, I'll look for the perfect "cookie cutter" spec for her that will fit the guilds needs, but right now, let's play with all these new talents! I am really enjoying sword and boarding through my quests. I'm a dual wielding troll at heart. Somehow, going the sword and board route this time doesn't make me feel like I am missing out. It helps to see my shield (sporting a new titanium spike) slam for 1800-2100 when it crits. Makes me all giddy inside.

I hate having twenty different buttons for every stance that I can use. It drives me crazy! So, I had this insane idea. Let's map 2 abilities to several keys. What a concept! You know, I am not the smartest cookie sometimes, and my husband, the rogue, smiled at me, patted my head, and sent an instant message with the kind of macro I wanted, soI could copy, paste in game, and edit. For those of you who think this sounds like a good idea and may not have done this before, I will put below an example of what I did.

/cast [modifier:ctrl] Cleave;Heroic Strike;

I used the "?" icon for the macro, so that it would show which attack I was using. Heroic Strike is to Cleave what Frostbolt is to Cone of Cold, sort of. Frostbolt is for one target, Cone of Cold is an area of effect cone. Heroic Strike is a single target special attack, where Cleave does about the same thing, to 2 mobs. So, if I have only one target, the button is fine, just use it. But if there is more than one mob attacking me, I'll hit the ctrl key, and now I'm hitting two mobs. I felt so clever when I was done, as I paired up hamstring with rend, devastate with victory rush, shockwave with thunder clap, shield bash with pummel...

So, I feel as if I have accomplished something huge today ('s 1 in the morning here). I got out there, quested quite a bit, and hit 72. Replaced a ring and a ranged weapon, and didn't cry too much when that paladin killed me the tenth time. And I killed a death knight! OK, I had help. A very nice shaman from Sad Panda kept me up until she cast that infernal anti magic shield. Sent enchanting materials and raw materials for cooking to Delgada, sent leather to Maura, and sent all the leftovers to my bank character. Busy, Busy, productive day in World of Warcraft.

And the house only sort of looks day is a success! Off to bed I go. Any suggestions for a rusty tank, please leave them below!


Mae said...

That macro is pretty neat. Just so I understand, it casts Cleave, unless you hold down the ctrl and then it casts Heroic Strike? I would never have thought of that!

I used to macro all my trinkets to my spells when I was playing my mage. I'm horrible about remembering to proc them! Now, all my trinkets are "Chance on cast" trinkets, which makes things easy.

Shawndra said...

It casts Heroic Strike unless the ctrl key is pressed, then it casts Cleave.

On Delgada, I had my Pendant of the Violet Eye macroed to pop when I cast Shadow Word: Pain. She was shadow then, and that trinket was/is a real mana saver!(Yeah, I stink at remembering to trigger trinkets. I try for the chance on hit ones or ones with good stats that I can forget to use :)) That reminds me..I should macro Shawndra's trinkets, too....