Thursday, January 22, 2009

Holy DPS? On a Priest?

Our guild is full of all sorts. We have raiders, groupers, solos, explorers, achievement junkies, altaholics, pvp fanatics, etc. If you can think of it, we probably have it. We have fast levelers, and slow levelers. That said, lately there has been opportunity for me to run in groups with a few of our guild mates that were away for a while playing Warhammer, but they didn't need a healer. Why? Because this husband and wife team always have one. I didn't think of it the other day when they were looking for one more for their group. There I am, in a group with a death knight tank, a retribution paladin, a holy/imp spirit buff priest, a fury warrior, and me, the odd girl out. Didn't need my spirit buff, because she had better. Gear comparisons not needed, for where mine was better in some slots, she had it all in others. So I said, I'll DPS. Our guild likes to do things the hard way, so off I go to run some heroic as holy dps. I didn't respec, changed into a few piece I had to add hit rating, and away I went.

The results? Heroic finished. How was my dps? Abysmal. So, I have decided, if they ever release the ability for me to dual spec, that I will explore the Light and how to throw it as a weapon. I cannot gimp my role as a healer at this time, because, as understanding as my guild is with spec changes and altaholism, if they need a healer, that is the whole reason I pulled Delgada out of my twink closet and leveled her in the first place. So, until then, I have decided to explore gear options, starting with blue level, easily attainable, and in the 78+ range. Research begins tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Yes! - I leveled a 2nd priest as holy to 70 - and I have been weighing up respecing her to shadow for ease when I get serious about leveling her to 80. but I stubbonly want to remain Holy not to heal but to dps - I love the spell graphics on the holy damage spells, She has an odd spec, less in the + healing and more about damage and survivability.
I like priests :) just don't want to heal..