Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another day, another 500 gold...

I found that if I spend a good hour to hour and a half doing all the quests I have missed, I can grab a significant amount of gold. I know, this is not surprising in the slightest to anyone but me. I am actually enjoying the quests I have done. Yesterday, I was questing in the corner of Storm Peaks and the adjacent corner of Icecrown. I really enjoyed unlocking the Argent Crusade area, and made some nice cash and got a new trinket, too!

Toward the beginning of my time out there, as I was depending on the aid of some death knight or another, I found that, if I clicked on their portal as they left, they returned me to the quest hub. It was quite by accident that I stumbled upon this. Maybe not entirely by accident.

"Look, a gear, I wonder what will happen if I right click on that", says Delgada's operator.

Delgada shakes her head and just waits for her inevitable demise.

It was especially encouraging later on, as I got lost looking for Tirion Fordring, who was not in the place I left him, hearing the cheering below me as I flew to the Pinnacle to get my reward. I had (almost) single handedly pushed back the Scourge onslaught. Go me!

So, after flitting between K3, the Argent Vanguard, and Crusader's Pinnacle, I had amassed a small fortune. I decided at around 540 gold, that I would go to the auction house and see if anyone had dropped some inexpensive green 75+ gear on the auction block. I spent quite a bit, then realized I probably had the means to buy the materials needed for my Moonshroud Robe. I purchased enough cloth and eternal life to finish the project, emptied my mailbox and disenchanted all my armor purchases, and transferred a couple enchants onto vellum for easy sale. I milled all my cloth into bolts, turned the regular bolts into imbued bolts, and organized my materials for the next day.

After begging a few friends for their Moonshroud cooldowns, I was asked by a few guild mates to run Utgarde Pinnacle on heroic. Most anyone outside my guild would not know that I did not instance my way to 80, even though I was specced mostly into Holy and Discipline from 70 to 80. So, I discovered the Pinnacle tonight. I took the two quests available, was given the daily quest for the instance, and we went on our merry way. We died a few times, mostly because we were trying to do some of the achievements as well. We weren't able to finish the first one, but we did get the second after a few wipes (healer lagging, healer out of mana, healer dead and reset, darn that priest anyway!). I replaced my robe from the Kalu'ak with the quest reward after one wipe, and all the bosses persisted in dropping leather, even though none of us used it. Even Ymiron dropped an epic pair of leather gloves. Well, instance finished, we all went off on our own. I caught a bat to the Emerald Dragonshrine, and made my last bit of Moonshroud cloth. One more upgrade for Delgada!


Mae said...

Congrats on your robe!! I actually have a ton of quests left to do in Northrend, which I think I'm going to start working on soon. I'd really like to get the Loremaster achievements, but I'd need more than 500 quests in both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, and quests in every zone in the Outlands and in Northrend. It's going to be a LOT of work. I think it's worth it though, so I'm going to work on it a little at a time.

One question: The DK demon gate returned you to your quest hub? If so, that is AWESOME!

Shawndra said...

For that one quest hub, it did. Specifically, for the quest where you have a horn to call for deathknight assistance in killing three elites. Made turning in that quest really easy :) Can't wait to try more deathknight gates!