Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Playing hooky from my horde server...

Delgada is squishy. And her spec stinks. And her professions stink. And noone likes her. Well, maybe not the last part, healers always have friends. My husband is catching his death knight, Brigadoom, up to her so that I will have someone to level with, now that the guild has blown past me. So, having tired of working up skill points in leatherworking on Maura, and having finished skilling up skinning on Shawndra, and having parked Carlotta out in the Borean Tundra ready to pick and brew potions, I decided to take a break. I logged in to Shu'halo and brought out Anselma. Anselma? Not the wondrous fire mage, Esoterique? Well, my husband hates leveling before 55, with a passion, and he really wants to play with me on my alliance server. So, the scheming begins. He keeps asking, "When you going to give me Anselma?", or, "Is Anselma 55 yet?". She was 53, so I finally gave in and got her to 54, with only 1400 experience points until the level, and did a character transfer. I'm sure if I had transferred her to his account after she hit 55 it still would have worked, but I figured this way we were assured success.

The account transfer was so fast! I am sure it only took 15 minutes. It took husband about an hour more to log her in, whack a few mobs, and hit 55. Then, it was mothballs for Anselma once again, as he made his death knight, Hacksoor. Have you ever had a name that, when you armoried it, came up with 2 results, and they were both yours? My husband is very proud to have that on two of his characters. Me? Well, I'm not so creative. Oh well...

So, with my obligation to my husband complete, I brought out Esoterique. For some reason, the differences between this cloth wearer and my undead priestess are so vast that it means the process of questing and killing are laughable on Eso, where they are a chore worth avoiding with Del. I would go and change Del back to shadow once the servers are up, but frankly, I've been itching to see Dalaran, and Eso, being a mage, is just the right level to do her attunement. She blew through quite a few of the quests at the gnome airport, and dinged 71 quite without expecting to.

Well, it's 10 am. I would like to get a chore or two done before the servers come up, so I am off to work on my real life quest log. Ta-ta!

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