Friday, November 28, 2008


There are no leftovers quite so sought after as Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. Yum! They are not very eat-while-questing friendly though. Green bean Casserole and turkey wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with cranberry sauce? Perhaps mashed potato latkes with reheated gravy to dip in, or my personal favorite, cold turkey with mayonnaise and a salt shaker. No, no, I had to go for the green bean casserole, turkey, a roll, and a soda. Thankfully, my questing buddy, Laeola, is overpowered. Didn't need my help much. Sorry I held you up! I know, I blamed it on my laptop overheating, which it did. But I fell behind more times trying to grab a bite off my plate then I did going afk to grab my three year old out of whatever she was not supposed to be getting into.

As much as BRK complains about them cockroach-like paladin, I was very very thankful to have one around these past two days.

Now, I know I have some smart readers. Tell me how to eat my leftovers and quest effectively at the same time. Use that comment button!

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