Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's coming tomorrow...err...Thursday..YAY!

I don't know that I have all that many readers, but I figure that there have to be at least a dozen of us wacky enough to be standing inside Gamestop in Moreno Valley (you know the one, by the new Wal-Mart and O-No Hawaiian BBQ?) on Wednesday night. No, I refuse to dress up. No costume contest for me! But the hubby and I will be waiting impatiently for 12:01 to hit so we can jet out of there and get our machines to patching. Well, at least his will be. Hubby was kind and wonderful, as usual, and ordered the collector's edition for me. The catch is that it may be sitting on my desk on THURSDAY when I get home from work. Oh well, small price to pay for all the fun that goes into that edition :)

Who knows, maybe some of us will get lucky and meet some new gaming buddies. See you there!

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