Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Transmog Tuesday: Guild Colors!

Delgada has been a member of Pwny Express for a while now. Our guild tabard colors are so great, why not work a transmog around them?

Julia thinks Delgada looks cool.

Here's a back view.

A transmog that almost works with a legendary cloak!
Here's a view with the cloak's wings.

I enjoy playing with the people in my guild! This transmog may be short lived, because like her puppeteer, Delgada likes to fade into the shadows.  This outfit commands attention. That, and the cloak is a lie. Delgada would rather kill things than heal, mostly because when she heals people end up dying, and she would rather intend to kill them than to kill them with good intentions.

Have you ever tried to match your guild colors with your look before? I'd love to see if you have, so leave a link in the comments!


Mike Reaper said...

I like :)

Righ said...

Believe it or not, our original guild colors were blue with white trim. Blue's my fav color, but the pressure of having an Alliance-colored tabard in Horde country was considerable. After switching us to red I liked it so much better. That and red went so much better with my molten-transmog!

Nicely done, Delgada!

Virginia Vaughn said...

Love Love Love it I hope to be back in game full time soon. Been off so long when I did log in was a ghost town :(