Monday, September 22, 2014

Make it Monday: Gnomish Army Knife.

Today I noticed an opportunity on the auction house. There was only 1 Gnomish Army Knife for sale. This is the ultimate tool for most crafters, giving +10 to skinning, herbalism, and mining, plus has an arclight spanner and resurrection device for an engineer.  Shawndra already had one, and saronite ore is really easy to find, so she hopped into her Northrend wormhole and stepped out into Sholazar Basin.

She flew lazy circles around the Basin, gathering saronite and a little bit of titanium to use later. I kept her out there for about 45 minutes and gathered enough to make 8 knives. She used her Pandaria wormhole to get back to the Shrine to make them. She would have made them up right there, but she was missing the skinning knives, mining picks, and blacksmith hammers to finish them off.


I don't know if the gold I'll make from the sale is worth the time I spent farming, but I know I made some players happy listing them.

Have you found something worth crafting? I'd love to get some ideas.  I'd like to have a nice bit of gold stashed away before the next expansion rolls out!

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