Thursday, September 25, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Ghost Saber!

Cat Statue.
In Darkshore, in the Ruins of Mathystra, there are cat statues you can interact with. Most of them only give you a grey item, but once in a while, they summon a Ghost Saber. This pet once was coveted by hunters for it's being stealthy even when not in stealth, and almost invisible to even friendly targets when in stealth.

Love me!
A twink level 19 hunter would be out here looking for just the right statue. Most of the time they would be unlucky and have to kill a level 20 cat, but once was all it took to get that level 19! I brought many hunters out to hostile Darkshore to find this kitty, and I will always have one in my stable.

I remember her being like this when not in stealth. Do I remember wrong?
In this picture she is in stealth.  Below is Feras in stealth. Can you see why the Ghost Saber was so coveted?

Not as sneaky.
I wonder if maybe Loque'nahak was the daydream of someone who loved this cat. Look at those green eyes!

Hypnotic green eyes.
Even with this old model, this cat is a worthy rare tame for any hunter, and as good a reason as any to visit Darkshore. The other good reason to visit Darkshore is the flying cow.

*frantic mooing*
I hope you enjoyed this throwback. I promise they won't all be about pets. See you in Azeroth!

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