Thursday, September 18, 2014

Transmog Thursday: Windscale Sarong

Rogue in a skirt.
 Racy was overdue for a new look. Her last look was fabulous, but I always wanted to dress a rogue in a skirt.  While she was leveling she picked up the Windscale Sarong, and I immediately fell in love. How do you match the colors? You really can't. I get close, but there a really very few items that use the colors in this skirt. Here's what I chose.

Most of this is available on the auction house, if you are lucky. The dagger is a drop from the Stockades, and the skirt can be found in Zul'Farrak. The Indomitable Epaulets are a close match to the headdress, but I didn't like the overwhelming amount of green. The mace from the Wailing Caverns is also a close match to the green in the headdress, but again, I wanted less green, so I went with the gold color in the Scorpashi set.

Another Idea.
I guess I didn't play around enough with this. Racy will be out and about looking for these items. Anyone want to drag her along on a few runs in Old Hillsbrad and Blackrock Spire?

Until next time I remember I have a blog to write in, enjoy your travels in Azeroth!

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