Friday, August 1, 2014

Can I Make Gold With Tailoring?

Bryonia the bank alt modeling one of her wares.
I'm trying to break into the transmog market on my server. Tailoring has some gorgeous items that have potential to sell well. Since I have been running Molten Core quite a bit, most of the material needed to make this robe were already sitting, unsold, in my auctions. All I needed was a good supply of Felcloth. Sadly, the old go to area to farm this was changed by the Cataclysm, and I had to find a new place to farm. Dire Maul was tried a while ago, only to make me want to cry out of frustration when I'd come away with one or less per run. The auction house has been pretty dry, so I went to WoWhead to try and find an alternative, and I found one!

Mazthoril, in Winterspring, is a cave with unstable portals to other worlds that spawn demons and ethereals and other wildlife not indigenous to the zone. There are three portals that spawn mobs that drop Felcloth. One of them a single Eredar, one of them two satyr, and the last a small group of imps. I decided I was going to kill everything in the cave, then go back and do it again. The respawn time is short enough that the front of the cave respawns by the time I run back up from the back. Pretty handy! I was able to farm enough cloth and some to spare in the hour I spent in there.

I managed to pick up some pretty shiny things to auction off with the robe. I'll bet you all want to see!  Here is the first thing worth mentioning that I picked up.


This item is so very sought after! I looked up the item on WoWhead to see what the median going price was for it on the auction house, and it said more than 14,000 gold. I think I have just found my new fun place to hang out! I also picked up an Azure Whelpling (about 8000 gold), Ironhide Pauldrons (about 1500 gold), Praetorian Leggings (about 500 gold), Glorious Shoulder Pads (about 500 gold), Widow Blade (about 150 gold), Overlord's Chestplate (about 150 gold), and a Traveler's Backpack (priceless!). There were a few low level gems, a couple other uncommon weapons, some Runecloth, and a lot of grey items. If you decide to farm in there for more than an hour, I suggest taking along a vendor of some sort to get rid of the piles of claws, teeth, elemental bits, and grey armor and weapons. Gotta have room for the shinies!

There are a couple other robes I can make to sell with Felcloth.

Felcloth Robe
Mooncloth Robe

The Felcloth Robe sells for about 750, but I put my first up for 500 gold. the Mooncloth Robe sells for about 1000 gold quickly, so I put a second one up for 3000 and haven't had any bites. I'm pretty sure when it comes down next time I will relist it for 1000 gold and it will sell.

I have been posting other robes and crafted items up for sale. I plan to post on the success of those items in their own posts, categorized by cloth type used. Hopefully it helps me and someone else make some gold on the auction house!

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