Friday, July 25, 2014


I don't have the beta, yet.  I don't know what that sign up for beta thing did for me at Blizzcon, but it didn't get me Warlords of Draenor.  Maybe it got me Heroes of the Storm, and if so, well thanks, but it's just not my style. Still, there is a lot I can glean from those that are in the beta. If I wanted to know, there are posts on Cymre's blog about rares and such, and Alt:ernative has posted about garrisons.  Others have posted beautiful screenshots which I looked at longingly and closed pretty quickly, because spoilers!

There is one thing I have been really wanting to know about the expansion, and that is how my characters will survive their character model updates. Thankfully, anyone can see that by going to WoWhead and using their profiler to look up a character on the armory. You can verify it to keep it as your own character by following some simple steps, but it is not necessary for this function.

New, but improved?
My Del
Not too thrilled with the changes here. WoWhead has a set of all the faces available, and I like a few of them. I really don't like the pairing here. Del goes from looking sweet to looking a little tart and snobbish. And the Popeye arms? Why?

Stern, Savage, and Strong.
Flirty and Vacuous.
I like this change. This takes Carlatta from young and naive looking to the battle hardened huntress I know her to be.

Older and Wiser.
I like this change, too. ♥ She does look a little perturbed.

All business.

I like the new face, I really do. Its just not Anselma.

Love it, but what is that thing on her robe?
Cute Kissy Face.

Searbh is a slow leveler.  She'll probably pick up the pace when she gets an update. Maybe.

Old Lady.
This is my daughter's priest, Yeselda. No, I don't have a priest problem! There is no going back to old frumpy model when this one happens. She wants to transfer this one off my account someday. I don't see it happening now. Sorry, Amanda.

new elf.

old elf.
I guess I killed off all my other elves, as I had to make one just for this. I'm sure I could have looked up anyone else, but I wanted it to be mine, so Bryonia was born. She may end up dying after sitting sad and lonely in the inn in the starter area, but I did work, and it was good! I like that the new gal isn't as leggy, and my daughter is happy about the weird hairline they fixed.

No changes show for Troll, Tauren, or Blood Elf women yet. I have to say I don't care about the male figures because I don't play them. On the whole, the new models are a win. Maybe a reshuffle on the Undead faces would help, or the option to choose another face. 

What do you think? Sorry, I cant give any cool spoilers like all the special people who have beta invites. *sniff sniff * I hope this at least has you wondering enough to check out your own, since no beta is required for this! 

I'm off to finish out some quests in Hearthstone, and work on a deck or three to defeat the Naxxramas Heroic Modes in the Arachnid Quarter. Is there any reward for doing this? What do you think of your main character's new look? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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