Saturday, July 19, 2014

Stuff and Nonsense

It is nearing the end of the expansion. How do I know this? Old friends are turning up on my Real ID list, I'm skipping merrily between Alliance and Horde alts, and I refuse to play one that isn't transmogged.  Shawndra has been gearing up through Ordos and Timeless Isle, with an LFR thrown in here and there for good measure.  I wanted her back the way I always picture her, in the Hyperion armor set with her Halberd of Smiting.  I think I got pretty close.

Commander's Armor Set.
The fire of the Hyperion set is alluring, but it didn't look as good with her skin tone, and this was all available on the auction house. Cenarius is not linked with any other realms yet (and I hope it never is), so transmog shopping takes a little longer than it did for my recently linked Alliance server, Borean Tundra/Shadowsong. The Halberd is a copycat from the Thunder Isle, the belt is from the Onslaught set, and the shoulders are a tier token piece from Gruul's Lair.

Bittsee before I shipped her clothes off to another server.

I showed you all Racy a few days ago. I had Bittsee transmogged as well, but with shifting heirlooms between servers, her mog has to be reapplied, and I figured I would wait a bit to put it back on since she matches in her heirlooms, for now.

Cenarius Horde World Boss Wednesday Mammoth Chorus Line.

I am raiding, sort of, sometimes as a healer in flex on Halinka, and sometimes as damage on Delgada in regular or flex, as I continue to keep the bench nice and toasty in the Go Postal group. Carlatta runs a LFR now and then, a little more lately due to the pressure from the Black Prince buff to get another cloak. I changed her transmog from some gaudy silver and gold concoction to something more suiting my flower picking alchemist hunter.

Mail of Crimson Coins drops somewhere in Icecrown Citadel. The pants are current tier, belt, boots and gloves I picked up off the auction house, and I just love the shoulders from the crafted pvp gear. I think she looks like business with a little fun thrown in, which she is.

Halinka and the one who will roll against her for pretty dressies, Lava.
I'm sure I have mentioned that I am in a WoW Meetup group before, and that about a third of us are named Jennifer. Halinka's guild mistress is one of them. Hearts of Darkness, a social guild on the merged servers of Borean Tundra and Shadowsong, is looking for members. We are a social guild with hopes to raid and the skills to do so. We like to hang out together, help each other out, and roll need on transmog items that other people want. Lucky for Lava, none dropped tonight, but there will be another run, and he had better watch out!

Sorry I have been so absent, but no matter how hard I try, real life stomps all over my desire to write anything game related down here. I have needed the escape more than I have needed to write about it.  I hope this finds you enjoying life and friends in and out of Azeroth. Catch you later!

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