Friday, July 11, 2014


Swabby Racy

I love this little rogue to pieces. She has been acting as keeper of the loot and seller of the goods for a while, leveling through the random dungeon finder when she has full rested experience. As with all my characters, I have changed her style, because I have yet to like what they are forced to wear through level or design. Still, I found I wanted even more for this gal as, when she was picking ogre loincloths in Dire Maul, she was getting heavy junkboxes. "Isn't there a rogue faction that takes these and gives reputation for them?" I asked myself.  WoWhead confirmed that Ravenholdt Manor was the turn in place for these, but I also decided that Racy was destined to be a pirate. So, at 49, she shoved all those heavy junkboxes in the bank, posted her last few auctions, and headed out to Faldir's Cove in the Arathi Highlands. Why? Because there be pirates, and the kind that give reputation points with the Bloodsail Buccaneers for repeatedly bashing their scurvy brains in.

No great Shakes here (bad pun, I know!)
Shakes O'Breen grants 5-6 reputation per kill and respawns every 10 or so seconds, which means he is the guy Racy hides behind while watching the others. He's the only one that you can pickpocket. At 49, she can sometimes one shot him, and he does no damage to her at all. I imagine that a level 29 could even start killing the NPCs at this location, gaining levels and rep at the same time. Shakes is a quest giver, so I tried to stand back and allow people to do the event he runs. Careful, if you are near when the event starts, he will attack (thank Blizzard for Vanish!), and his death fails the event.

Deckhand Moishe.
This guy is a pain, and I only killed him when there were people in the area needing to use the quest givers. He gives 5-6 reputation points and respawns between 5 and 7 minutes after he is killed. His path is messed up, as he clips through the ship and stands on the prow of the boat for a while before he magically pops onto the deck pictured, which is the only place I found he wouldn't evade. If you have killed the Captain, he says, "Captain's dead.", though it doesn't seem to bother him too much.

Lolo the Lookout.
Can't kill him, he doesn't attack, he just stands there. Jerk.

First Mate Nilzlix.
This fella gives 27-28 reputation per kill, 25 if you don't have the guild buff. I should remember to get to the Faire and get the Whee buff! to add a bit more to this sad little bit of reputation gain. He isn't a quest giver, so if he is up, don't hesitate to kill him. He comes back to life 5 to 7 minutes after he dies.

Captain Steelhorn.
Racy is such a show off. The Captain gives 27-28 reputation points. He s a quest giver, so wait until the young'uns leave before slaughtering this guy. He takes about 5 or more minutes to respawn.

Doctor Draxlegauge.
This guy gives two quests, one to take you to see Shakes, and another of his own. He only gives 5 reputation, and is a bit of a hike from Shakes, so unless the others are up and the area is free of questers, I leave him alone. He respawns in about 5 or more minutes.

Professor Phizzlethorpe.
The professor is also a quest giver, and normally you cannot kill him, unless... Take his quest and as he walks off, then abandon it. He will be hostile every time he comes up after, until someone else does his quest or you leave the area or log out. He only gives 5 reputation, so I only kill him under the same conditions as the doctor, but it's nice to have him ready to kill. He respawns in about 5 minutes, sometimes sooner.

Yo Ho Yo Ho!

Racy is now 306 points into friendly, and has received her Bloodsail Uniform. It takes exalted to get the title and to complete the quest for the hat. Some of these guys stop giving reputation pretty early on, so soon it will be difficult to get the points she needs. Good thing Faldir's Cove is beautiful, and not too far from a mailbox. Racy plans to hang out there until the points run dry, leveling through the random dungeon finder and killing pirates in between.

Oh, if your intended pirate is a hunter, there is a lovely rare cockatiel just around the corner from Lolo.

A Pirate's Best Friend.

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