Monday, August 11, 2014

Intermediate Frostweave Tailoring.

These items take a little more work than the shirts. I think the effort is worth it, because they are attractive items that might catch a casual transmog enthusiast's eye.  What do I mean by casual transmog enthusiast? Someone who wants to look good, but doesn't want to take the time to farm for the look. The closest analogy I can provide is that of the person with a gift card at a store, limited by what the store has and their budget. 


The Glacial Robe, slippers, and waistband are gorgeous, bright, and not often seen. Some of the other pieces of this set were recipes or drops from when Naxxramas was a new raid back in vanilla, and no longer available in game. The hat is available from a quest in Area 52, and there is a really nice belt that goes well with this from a quest in Blades Edge Mountains!

Window Shopping.
I looked through the auctions, and settled on items I had.  I gave everyone else a fair shake, but I liked the way all this came together! There were other pieces that go nicely with this, like a blue wizard style hat and some white gloves with blue fingertips, but I wanted a little bling, so I picked items that had some gold in them.

Deathchill Cloak.
Silky Iceshard Boots.

I thought these also deserved a mention. All the items I have shared take a minimum of farming, or if you are lucky, a few gold coins on the auction house. Probably the hardest thing I farmed for was the Siren's Tear, which can be purchased from a murloc in the Borean Tundra for 100 clams. No, really, clams. The cloth came from my super not so secret farming spot in the previous post on Frostweave, and the fire came from this cave in the Storm Peaks.

Farmer Del.
I could probably have farmed the shadow as well, but it was cheap enough on the auction house to just buy it. Oh, there is one more item I forgot to mention!

Hat of Wintry Doom.
This is an easy enough recipe to put together in a short amount of time. I didn't have to farm the Iceweb Spider Silk because it was really cheap on the auction house. Hopefully, someone wants this hat enough so I have to make another!

So far, I haven't made a whole lot on this tailoring thing, but I expect it will get me somewhere eventually! Runecloth Robes, Mooncloth Robes, and  Soulcloth Gloves have sold a few each, and Cindercloth Leggings sell really well. I sold that Jade Breastplate I looted last week for 10,000 gold yesterday! 

Next up, is it worth it to make the Ebonweave, Spellcloth, and Mooncloth robes


Hilge3 said...

That Glacial stuff looks so great. Makes me want to play my priest just to wear it. Also need to get one of those Azure Whelplings like you found. I have a thing for blue.

Jeni Morton said...

If I come across another whelpling, it's yours!

Hilge3 said...

Thank you! I'll work it off at your Garrison, or something.