Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fun With Netherweave!

Blizzard has been touting the old raid instances lately, and this week they reminded us that Karazhan is still around that we really should go in there and try for a mount and some transmog gear. I didn't need a reminder, because I would run this place daily if I could, but they did post a helpful bit on how to beat the chess event solo, which I usually skip.  Still, what drops the most in Karazhan is a toss up between Netherweave Cloth and Soul Essence, which together can make a few really nice items.

Imbued Netherweave Robe.
This is rather cheaply made, all from items you can get in Karazhan. Sells for more than a bag for about twice the materials.

Soulcloth Gloves.
 Instead of vendoring the Soul Essences, have them made into Soulcloth and whip a few pairs of these up! They look great with many robes, and if you have a long sleeved robe, only the gold part shows for an easy match to almost everything. There is a see through hole just under the purple cuff that, if paired with a good bracer, can accent the set you are wearing (I put a cheap green colored bracer under Halinka's so it matches the green accents in her transmog).

Soulcloth Shoulders.
Platinum, gold and purple, these match a few different robes, too, and they aren't overly huge. I haven't sold a pair yet, but I'm sure someone will want them.

Soulcloth Vest.

This is a cute vest, especially paired with a White Swashbuckler's Shirt or a Cerulean Filigree Shirt. The pants I found yesterday match really closely, and I'm sure there are other items to match. This would be a very unique look to transmog!

Sure, there is plenty of room in Azeroth for another couple hundred Netherweave Bags. I just don't want to be that boring person! Next I answer the question, "Is there anything in Wrath crafting content worth using for transmog? " Until then, enjoy the sights and sounds of our digital home world. See you next time!

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