Monday, October 1, 2012

2:30 AM

Woke up to hubby's computer blaring some You Tube show after a restart.  It's quiet now, but I am wide awake, so you all get a bonus post that may ramble and make little sense, with pictures, too!

"Hai Big Turtle!", says Tajni.

Tajni is my baby rogue panda.  I started her while waiting for my expansion box to arrive from Amazon.  I live in the boondocks, sorta, so it took most of the day to get here.  It did not matter much, as I had to work, and when I get home there is the afternoon nap that has to happen, and homework to check on and chores to supervise, so I sat down to make Tajni around dinnertime the 25th.  I think she is cute.  She'll get some playtime later, when Delgadita gets frustrated with some quest or pet battle or something.

Sight Seeing with Delgadita.

I have way too many pictures of scenery from yesterday and the day before.  Why?  Because my banner on my blog and my Twitter background are from Wrath of the Lich King, and they're getting a little grimy.  With all my extra free time, I plan on updating these.  I foresee this happening when I am laid up in bed after returning from the hospital from surgery.  Since I only just got the referral for an office visit on the matter, who knows when this is actually going to happen?  Maybe around Christmas time, when I can take the time off during actual non work days, because who can afford to miss work?  Not me.

Everybody's gone surfin'...Surfin' Pandari-ayy!

I love the kites!  I can't remember if it was a kid that was telling me this, or the hubby, but someone said these just couldn't possibly work.  What?  Of course they can!  It would be like surfing the air currents.  The kite master would have to be in some control over the air currents, or have a buddy air elemental helping out to steer the kites in the general direction they needed to go.  Cake.  My logic is flawless.  Ask Spock, he'll tell you I'm right.

Waterfall I found fascinating in the fishing village.

I played sporadically yesterday (middle of the night, this does actually mean Sunday!) whilst watching the boy child re-do laundry.  Why do they try to take the short cut for everything?  He felt he had been overworked or wrongly sent to the washroom, and so he decided he wasn't going to hang out the laundry, but hoard the wet, mouldering stuff in his room.  Took too long to find out his subterfuge.  I kept insisting that we owned more than three bath towels, because, come on, we have more than that many people showering in this house, I hope.  Since hubby was home when this was happening, he found the problem, and we spent most of yesterday running the washer non stop, then walking out to the lines with him to watch him pin things up, then pulling things down (love So Cal weather right now.  Faster than a clothes dryer!).  Wash, hang, repeat.  Very tiresome.  I was going to do it all myself when we both said Whoah!  the boy needs to do this himself.  So, this meant I got half an hour here, twenty minutes there, an hour around lunch time, another 40 minutes over there, in between folding and handing off piles of clothing to my poor, naked children.  Not a lot of time and very broken up, but enough to get me almost done with The Valley of the Four Winds.  I left Delgadita sitting staring at the taxidermified creatures at Nesingwary's Expedition, waiting to go hunt turtle shells for some sort of bizarre sacrificial ceremony.

My favorites and current team.

Pet battles have really been a hard thing for me to put down.  If Delgadita had not been "stuck" in Pandaria, she would have been frolicking around areas with level 5ish pets looking for rares to battle and capture.  Ugh.  I had no pictures of my pokemon team.  Good thing I could log in and get one, huh?  My current strategy is to get as many rare quality pets as possible, which means I battle a lot of the same pet, releasing the common and poor ones, until I get something good. My very favorite pets right now are my gazelle fawn and Stinker.  Stinker took on all of the gal in Ashenvale's pets almost entirely alone, save for a heal from the gazelle.  I then quickly lost to the troll in Stonetalon, but I'll get her next time.  Just look at all the neat options I have to go up against her with!  Part of my outside time yesterday was spent looking at, planning out where to go next to get pets.  I was a little disappointed as I hopped a flight point from wherever I was below the Wetlands to Undercity, only to see that silly itty bitty bog beasty pop up while I was in flight.  I tried logging out, logging in my bank toon, and logging in again, hoping it would drop me in Arathi, but that didn't work.  I wasn't about to fly all the way back to the Wetlands for it, so I guess until my random artifact of dropping me in random places drops me near the Wetlands again, I won't be looking too hard for that beast. Sigh.

The Umbrella of Chi-Ji.  Watch out for the Foxicopter!

Speaking of archaeology, Delgadita managed to unearth the parts to make what turns out to be a best in slot pre raiding for her off hand.  And it is pretty!  Again, no silly screen shot.  Let me see what I can do about that...and done.  And it is silly, look at that Foxicopter!  Read about it on Cymre's blog, but never thought I'd run into it myself.  Did you know that engineering trainer in Nesingwary's Expedition sells a Foxicopter Controller?  Back to Delgadita's digging, she has managed to crate up several artifacts, and has one that might go on display, if she ever gets over to do so.  Ah well, at least we have a gorgeous off hand that I will definitely be trying to fit an outfit around!

Laid Back Raids.  You should join us!  I think they are usually on Fridays,Saturdays, and Sundays (don't quote me on this) and they are for both Horde and Alliance, depending on what is scheduled.  The last one I went on was An'Qiraj, and we busted through both raids in next to no time.  Delgadita won the roll on the red Qiraji tank mount, which earned her a feat of strength, which had me grinning giddily at the screen for many minutes.  Thanks to Saintvache for running the raid.  He posted a picture of Delgadita on his blog for the world to see just how awesome this Laid Back cross server Raid can be.  So, join us! Contact information should be here on JD's blog, somewhere. I couldn't find his Real ID stuff and, to be honest, I'm getting tired, so I'll bet if you use his e-mail address and write him a letter, he'll get back to you on it!

Well, this post seems to have helped me to update my blog and work out my sleeplessness.  I am off to the kitchen for a drink, then hitting the pillow hard for another 2 hours.  For those that were looking forward to more Comikaze Cosplay pictures, as soon as I wrest the iPod from the hands of its owner I'll post more. I hope that I haven't meandered too far, or been too confusing tonight.  Until next time!


Cymre said...

Very nice shots you have there :) Congrats on the umbrella. I have yet to get mine on live as I've been a bit lazy with my secondary professions :P

Navimie said...

Awesome! I have been so lazy with archaeology because I am collecting gets but I do so love that umbrella :)

Shawndra said...

I haven't had the chance to be lazy at archaeology, because my guildies made me level it so they could have their heirloom pants! Thanks for stopping by, Cym and Navi!