Monday, October 15, 2012

Random Early Morning Thoughts

Frustrated!  I spent a good part of yesterday farming for Demonic Runes and trying to get a Nether Faerie Dragon that was better than uncommon, and had little luck with both.  I am 4 runes away from crafting a robe I had hoped would be done earlier this month for the wearing of the pink.  I can't control the RNG, so I apologize to JD for not joining him in his cause earlier!  I hope to have it and suitable items to go with it finished by tomorrow night, where I will post a lovely picture of Delgadita in all her splendor right here on the next post.  In the meantime, let me scare you all with the ugliness that is the cloth PvP tailor set.  Del is not pleased.

In Dire Maul, desperately farming for a new look!
I have to thank shadow form for covering the nastiness that is this outfit until I finish building the new one.  Maybe they made it ugly so I would want to progress out of it faster?  I'm guessing so.

Del has managed to get to the point where she has to defeat all the trainers in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, and she is lazily doing so, dabbling in Klaxxi dailies for no other reason than that they are there, fiddling around with her farm that only has four plots, and she just hatched her dragon baby!  My girlfriend has been bragging about her 12 plot garden for so long that I had to tell her that I have 24 spaces at home, so there!  Not that they produced much this year.  A few small, hard tomatoes, a lot of fiery cayenne peppers, some lettuce, and two vines that never did anything but flower, and the hopes of a watermelon and corn quashed by the local ant population.  My upside down hanging gardens did better, as they are still producing cherry tomatoes and bell pepper the size of my grand baby's fist and jalapenos.  Sorry, off tangent there for a bit, but I'm guessing that my virtual garden will do better. Sad Sad Sad.

Del caged up all the duplicate pets that would be caged and set free the others.  Maybe it's silly, but I just couldn't see having all the duplicates when there are so many more to catch and play with!  I use AuctionLite for my auctions, and even though it will research the item price for me, the sell it button stays grey. I end up remembering the gold part of the price and using the other window to sell them.  So far, my mage that may never get past 40 Sallaedrea has made over 1000 gold selling the pets that I didn't hand out to guildies who didn't have them yet, which consisted of a lot of green pets and a few duplicate holiday pets.  I gave away a sewer rat, my extra crocodiles and crabs, a lobster, a firefly, a faerie dragon, and a slew of alliance pets that some people didn't have time to collect. I almost wish that some of the nicer looking pets that you capture in the wild could be traded but not sold.  Not sure how that could work, maybe some functionality in the battle pet menu?  But I guess that would not be fair to the pet hunters out there if anyone could get any pet there was just because they knew someone.

I haven't got back to leveling my cute little rogue Tajni yet.  Something tells me she may be little for a long time.  There are so many damned dailies to do and pets to capture, I barely had time to run Stormstouts Brewery last night.  I think we ran it on regular, all of us at level 90 already, got a guild achievement, and went about doing what we do best, which is twiddle and achieve.  The night before last I finished out the Lorewalkers reputation, which finally got Delgadita her 35 exalted reputation achievement.  I thought for sure that I would finish with the goblins to get that one.  Oh well.  Guess I'm not so motivated, since I worked it up on a low level toon so I could have the trikes. I'm guessing getting the reputation gathering buff only works if the toon that is exalted is on the same server.  Delgadita may never reach exalted with the Bilgewater Cartel.  So sad.

The weather here in California is turning cooler, which means I may have more time to write silly thoughts and post random screenshots here for everyone.  You know, in between cracking the whip on the teens to get the chores and homework done and extracting the 6 year old from whatever tree or angry sister she finds herself stuck with.   I think I promised that when summer had just arrived and I thought since I wasn't working that I would have more time.  HA HA.  I won't hold my breath, and I expect you not to either.

Hope this finds you having a lovely day on Earth and in Azeroth.  Until next time!

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