Monday, October 15, 2012

Wearing Of The Pink

To show support for those who have fought breast cancer and to spread awareness, I have changed Delgadita's outfit for the rest of this month, and possibly beyond that, to something mostly pink.  I have an aunt that is fighting now, so this is pretty close to home for me.

Her outfit is mostly the Stitched accessories from Pandaria with the Robe of the Void.  She is wearing the Snowfall Shawl to complete the set.  I won't mog over the umbrella, because, come on, read the message on the mouse-over!  It is a perfect fit for this cause.  So, all you gals out there, even if there is no history of this dreadful cancer in your blood line, get checked!  All you fellas out there, support your girl by undoing any obstacle to early screening you can possibly undo.

Too many have lost the fight. Support this cause! Get the word out, give to help support research, volunteer to help your local hospital, do anything you can. Wear pink!

Thanks to JD Kenada for starting this campaign.  Join us in Azeroth to support breast cancer awareness and to remember the survivors, the fighters, and the lost.

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